Madore steps aside from Fire Authority leadership after 11 years

Board considering community-wide fire millage moving forward

DAVISON — After almost 13 years on the Davison Fire Authority, the last 11 years as chairman, Richfield Township Supervisor Joe Madore said he stepped aside from the chair position turning his gavel over to a successor.

Davison City Manager Andrea Schroeder will assume the chair of the Fire Authority and Madore will now serve as vice chairman.

City Councilman Ron Emery will remain as secretary and Davison Township Treasurer Tim Green will remain as fire authority treasurer.

“Tim Green, Andrea and I are all already on the checking accounts as signers, so we do not have to make any changes in that respect with this change,” said Madore.

At press time, however, Madore indicated the board had been made aware of a portion of the Fire Authority master agreement which says the chairperson must be an elected member of the one of the three governing bodies – Schroeder is appointed to her job with the city.

Madore said the board would have to discuss the matter further to determine if the appointment stands or if it would go to the city’s elected representative – Councilman Ron Emery.

Madore said he is pleased the city is back to responding to medical runs and all three communities in the Davison Fire Authority are “operating in sync.”

The city will be appointing the alternating seventh member for the calendar years 2022-23 at the end of this year as William “Skip” Davis’ 2-year term will end.

“I hope having the city chair the fire authority will encourage even more positive engagement from city council going forward,” said Madore. “The fire authority and our respective governing bodies are looking into establishing our fire authority as a true ‘authority’ in the upcoming year or so and this will take cooperation and teamwork from all of our township board of trustee members and city council members.”

Green said he thinks it is “fantastic” Schroeder was appointed to serve as chair, considering her long-time involvement in the Davison-Richfield Fire Department, where she served as a clerk early on in her career.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Green. “She brings a lot of knowledge and I’m excited about it. Andrea is going to do great like Joe did a great job with it.”

Schroeder was away on vacation at press time, but Davison Mayor Tim Bishop praised the fire authority decision.

“It’s a great choice,” said Bishop. “Andrea cut her teeth in that fire department, had a husband move up the ranks and retire from there, and has continued to serve on that board for years now. The fire authority is in good hands with her in that role.”

Green said the fire authority is exploring the possibility of going to the public with a millage proposal somewhere down the road, rather than continuing to fund fire services by paying on a per-run basis.

“That would definitely be an advantage to the fire department; a more of a stable type of funding,” said Green. “In the long run it would save the taxpayers more money with the efficiency it would bring.”

Green stated again the possibility of a millage for fire service was in an “exploratory stage”, but if the public appeared receptive it could be put to a vote as early as November of 2022.

As a candidate who opposed new taxes, Green said a millage for fire service would make more financial sense than each community continuing to pay for the rising cost of fire service from the general fund.

Also, he said if the community were to approve a millage and the fire authority was funded through that means, it could require a shift in the three communities appointing their representatives to the fire authority. Green said it could mean voters would decide on who sits on the fire authority board.

The Davison Fire Authority, which the three communities of the City of Davison, Richfield Township and Davison Township all contribute to, appoints officer positions the first meeting after July 1 of each year.