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The college bowl games, which started on December 18, have finally concluded on January 10. The Auburn Tigers completed a magical season going undefeated and claimed the BCS Championship. The Oregon Ducks battled the Tigers until the final seconds, and then watched a chip-shot field goal end the Oregon Ducks’ title hopes, 22-19.

The game, although close scoreboard-wise, was disappointing to watch as a college football fan. Why? One of the reasons was the game was very sloppy and not well played. The hype of offense galore never materialized during this game. I would even say two of the four quarters were absolutely boring. Cam “The Scam” Newton, a Heisman winner, looked like a below-average quarterback against Oregon. Cam overthrew a receiver who was open by five yards. Cam tossed a fourth-down pass to a wide-open receiver into the turf. Cam fumbled late in the game up 19-11 which in turn allowed the Ducks to tie up the score, 19-19. I would not consider Cam’s performance anything close to what a Heisman Trophy winner’s should be.

The Oregon Ducks’ defense was not the “Steel Curtain” for cripes sake. This game was won by the running back Michael Dyer of Auburn. He put on a show! I will give credit to the Auburn defense for shutting down the high powered “quack attack”. The Cal Bears were the only other previous team to do it. The SEC moves to 7-0 in the BCS title games and winners of four of the last five. My last thought on Cam is, he will struggle as a pro quarterback on Sundays in the NFL.

Facing the music

The “Ditch Rich” firing came true last week, as Michigan fired the worst coach in Michigan history, Rich Rodriguez. The announcement came as no surprise, but it did make me very happy. I could not suffer through another season of him running the Michigan program. The question now becomes who will lead Michigan on the sidelines here in the future? Les Miles has turned Michigan down and will stay at LSU. I am not a huge Les Miles fan anyway. Les can’t even manage game clock issues for cripes sake. The Michigan job is more than likely going to Brady Hoke a non sexy pick as far as coaches go. Hoke is a defensive coach. I think Michigan needs some help fixing the defense. Right,

Michigan fans? Michigan, Hoke might not be the answer you were looking for, but then maybe just maybe, he is! One thing for sure, the

Rich Rod era is over!

Shock waves

The NFL playoffs lived up to all the hype this past weekend. The

Seahawk shocker kicked it all off with an upset of the

Saints. Who saw that one coming? I guarantee, not the Saints. The Jets continued the trend of upsets by defeating the Colts. Poor Peyton, his teams don’t have much luck in the playoffs. Baltimore rolled the Chiefs; no surprise there. The last game of the weekend saw a hot Packers team take down the defenseless Eagles. Three of these games went down to the wire and that makes for good playoff football. I went two and two on my selections last weekend. Let’s take a shot again at this week’s games.

This weekend is called rematch, rematch and two out of three match. Baltimore and Pittsburgh each won on the road against one another this past season. These teams are so close talent wise and both play hard-nosed defense. The two games this year were decide by a field goal and this one will be, too! Prediction: Blitzburgh 20, Ravens 17.

The rubber match of Jets and Patriots happen on Sunday. Jets were slaughtered by N.E., 45-3, not too long ago. N.E. at home virtually unbeatable! One name folks—Tom Brady is the difference. Prediction: Pats 27, 747’s 20.

The two rematch games had Seattle and Atlanta victorious. I look for the Bears to take the slippers off the Seahawks in this game. The Bears are too strong defensively and back-toback upsets in the playoffs, as double digit fog’s not likely. Prediction: Da Bears 34, Seahens 17. Packers at Falcons, the game the Falcons didn’t want as a number-one seed. Atlanta won the first one and will win the rematch, too. Dirty Birds 23, Pack it in 21.

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