Making the scene, Halloween edition



Editor’s Note: John “JD” Dombrowski is a contributing writer with the View Newspaper Group. He is known throughout the community as a business owner, Burton Chamber of Commerce chairman, musician and music promoter.

Rock and roll and Halloween have always had a lot in common. Both feature lots of screaming, people wear outlandish costumes, you earn a small sense of satisfaction from having come through either intact and they both involve taking candy from strangers, whether literally or metaphorically. When executed properly, everybody goes home tired, happy and looking forward to the next time.

The Lords of October is a band that embraces the dual escapism of Halloween and rock music year-round. I met them this spring when they appeared with Stifling Edith at The Burton Zombie Shamble, a benefit for local charity. Prior to meeting them, I had seen the photo that accompanies this article and I assumed, as I’m sure you just did, that a rare, shared skin condition must have brought them together and helped forge their musical bonds. As it turned out, it’s elaborately done makeup reflecting a deep commitment to presentation. In an age of dwindling stagecraft, these guys really put their backs into it and have been terrorizing the Midwest for several years now. Their eponymous EP “Lords of October” and their album “Equinox” are both available online at Amazon and CD Baby.

Singer “Uncle Salem” spoke with me between rehearsals for their upcoming spot opening for Corey Feldman at The Machine Shop on November 2. Rounding out the horror-infused punk/ metal band is guitarist Aleister Hulmod Kane, bassist Lucifer Fulci and drummer October Phoenix. Uncle Salem moonlights in humanity as Flint area author Paul Counelis. I asked Paul: why?

“The four of us have always enjoyed the horror genre and think of Halloween as kind of our happy place,” he said. “The idea was to have a new kind of horror band and the costumes and makeup were the biggest no-brainer when we realized what we wanted to do.

“We want to promote love and joy through our ‘dark dreamer’ style of music and are back in the studio working on a concept record about a haunted house with one heck of an interesting twist. Hoping to have that out early 2018.”

For more about Lords of October, look for them on Facebook and underneath beds everywhere…

HALLOWEEN “YOUTUBE” TRICKS AND TREATS: Open your pillowcase for some Mid-Michigan produce- check out the new video from Lords of October – “Autumn Fire”. Also don’t miss Stifling Edith’s ode to loving the unlovely in the elegantly bizarre lyric video for “Warts And All”.

Happy Halloween!

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