Mask wearing is a personal choice

Readers have been asked: “What’s so hard about wearing a mask”? (The View from here, 7-16-20, p. 14) Okay, I’ll bite.

1.) There are those who choose to become a vegan. Personal choice. Got it. However….ever been around a vegan who then pushes everyone else to give up meat? 2.) A person decides to stop smoking. Great. Personal choice-exercised over a legal product. What about a person who has given up smoking, who now expects all smokers to come to the same decision? 3.) Ever been around someone on a diet? Who then, nonstop talks about it, who then expects everyone they come in contact with, to be on a diet?

Wear a mask, if it makes you feel better, or if your doctor thinks you personally should because of co-morbidity/other factors.

In 2020, we’ve been asked to consider “science”. Okay, let us reason together. First, we the people were told nationally, to NOT wear a mask, then to wear one. Secondly, the COVID-19 computer “models” estimating death rate of pandemic were wrong, yet because of these “models” state/global economies were shut-down to the detriment of all. Thirdly, Michiganders were told to shelter-in-place to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals would not be ‘overwhelmed’. Hospitals were not overwhelmed. However, when curve became flattened many democrat governors did not respond in kind to their citizenry, who made such sacrifice. Flattening the curve was never meant to be “no cases of covid-19”. Governor Whitmer, would not allow buying paint or garden items etc. Through executive order, without legislature approval, Whitmer become the sole discretion of what is: “essential vs. nonessential”. Aisles ordered-cordoned off, though customers present shopping. Is it ‘science’ to believe that a person is more susceptible to the coronavirus, if one is buying paint/garden mulch while out buying their groceries? Is it science, for Gov. Whitmer to link shoulder-to-shoulder with protestors, not practicing “social distancing” yet an Owosso Barber is cited, threatened to lose his license, necessary to make a living?

Prof. Ali Mokdad/U. of Washington, recently, commented on the subject: To mask or not to mask? He is “for it”, adding, “It’ll take a while for people in the United States to get used to it. It’ll take a while to change their ‘behavior’”. Hmmm… behavioral? I thought the scientific-topic is about a virus- coronavirus-specific. Why the push/shove/drive to change we the people’s “behavior”? This is not the Middle East where women, sometimes men cover their face under Sharia Law. No, this is the United States of America under God, adhering to the U.S. Constitution that spells-out through freedom’s law: this Life, this Liberty, this pursuit of happiness. This is not the People’s Republic of China. China, where the coronavirus originated, where its people have for years worn surgical masks as a part of their norm.

So, what is so hard about wearing a mask? The better question is: Why is it so easy to surrender to non-science, to bullies, to those who claim we must? — Brenda Harris, Grand Blanc Township