Master planning underway

FLINT TWP. — The township board of trustees has authorized the Flint Planning Commission to begin the process of reviewing and updating the township’s Master Plan which state law requires to be done every five years. Besides taking a fresh look at the township’s long-range direction, demographics in the plan need to be updated to include 2010 census data, said Tracey Tucker, building and economic development director.

Also the update will make sure that the zoning ordinance matches the master plan and future land uses, she said. A third task is to update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The overall cost will be $4,800 for the Master Plan, $1,000 for the Zoning Ordinance updates, and up to $4,050 for the Parks and Rec update. Tucker said the cost of the Master Plan and Zoning update will be split between the 2015 and 2016 Planning Commission budget. Grant funds are needed to pay for the Parks and Rec plan upgrade.

Rowe Professional Services is being contracted to assist with the planning and zoning review and update project.

The township’s current Master Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission in March 2009 and approved by the township board in April 2009, which means the five-year review was due in 2014. The Planning Commission has prepared and adopted four prior plans for the Township beginning in 1983 with a land use/housing plan. The current document includes a Corunna Road Corridor Plan, Linden Road Corridor Plan and Elms Road Corridor Plan. Streetscapes, signage, architecture, roadways, parking lots, outdoor lighting are among areas addressed in corridor plans. The Plan also states that the township lost 390 (about 1 percent) residents between 1990 and 2000. Census data from 2010 will be added to update that statistic. The Plan reported a slightly higher percentage of renter-occupied dwellings than in the county and state. The plan review and update will determine if and how much that has changed. Age of housing, number of vehicles per household, and poverty status are among many other census demographics to be updated. The plan also looks at border relationships with Burton, Flint, Swartz Creek, Mundy Township, Clayton Township and Mt Morris Township and how their land use patterns affect Flint Township. The current 64-page township Master Plan can be viewed online at http:// Docs/Master%20Plan%20Update- Approved%203-09.pdf The Master Plan also provides the foundation for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The 2010 – 2015 Parks and Recreation Master Plan can be viewed online at Docs/2010FlintTwpParksPlan.pdf Community input plays a part in developing the parks and rec plan including a community meeting and a needs survey. It covers a variety of recreational goals including the development of the Genesee Valley Trail and suggestions for improving the Riverview Canoe Landing, which opened in 2007, and provides access to the Flint River from Mitson Street, south of Flushing Road. A yet-to-be implemented proposal called for public restrooms to be placed at the Flint Township Park on Norko Drive. The township Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will likely have a role in reviewing and updating its Master Plan.

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