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Fat Guy’s Corner

Monday night, the pedigrees in the NCAA final game were Huskies and Bulldogs. It ended up a battle of mutts. The U-Conn Huskies won, 53-41, over the Butler Bulldogs. It was the ugliest championship game I have ever watched! Period! The Fat Guy in a thong is the only thing uglier than this hoop game.

Butler shot a dismal 18.8 percent and made only three two-point baskets. It was sixthgrade basketball at its finest. I definitely feel sorry for Butler, which didn’t deserve to go out like it did. I felt myself actually rooting for a shot to go in the hoop for Butler. Butler is such a great story for college basketball and it was just a shame how it all crashed on the national stage. Please don’t make excuses about how great the defenses were! Please don’t tell me the lighting at the gym caused problems. These two teams played on Saturday and did just fine. Hey, U-Conn wasn’t much better at 34 percent and Kemba Walker was 5-19 from the floor. The bottom-line is, offensively this game was brutal. However, on the positive side, I predicted the Final Four game winners on Saturday and Monday perfectly. Congratulations to the Huskies, you are the 2011 Natio-nal Champs of college basketball.

Tigers Den

The Tigers come out of the dugout sluggish to start the 2011 baseball season. The Tigs lost two of three to the New York Yankees in the Bronx. Monday afternoon they lost to the Baltimore Orioles in what was Baltimore’s home opener. The Orioles are off to a 4-0 start!

Let’s get back to the Tigers here. Justin Verlander had a 30-pitch first inning on opening day. I thought Verlander worked this spring training on not throwing so many pitches to get out of innings. It looked like the same old garbage to me. Justin is the ace of the staff and he can’t continually be throwing 100 pitches by the fifth inning.

The defense has been pretty shoddy early season, but I’ll give that a pass for now. Brad Penny was shelled in his first Tiger outing, Max Scherzer shelled also, and Rick Porcello was shelled for five runs in five innings. Yikes! The starting pitching will need to be better than that, or it will be a long baseball season in Motown.

I am not pushing the panic button, but also not dancing in the streets, either. The home opener is Friday in the “D” against the Kansas City Royals. I will be down there along with numerous other Detroit Tiger baseball fans. Let’s all hope the weather cooperates and brings a little warmth and some sunshine. Come on, Mother

Nature, we have suffered enough this winter and the socalled spring.

The final stretch

April in the “D” means Red Wings’ playoff hockey. Currently three games are left in the season. Carolina on Wednesday night and then two games with the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday and Saturday. The two with the Hawks could be vital to both hockey clubs. Detroit is trying to land the second seed in the Western Conference, while the Blackhawks are fighting to get into the playoffs. I know this, the Calgary Flames are pulling for the Wing Dings to sweep the boys from Chicago. Calgary is fighting with the Hawks for the last and final spot in the playoffs.

Actually, the Red Wings might not want home-ice advantage as bad as they have played at Joe Louis Arena this season. Detroit has been Roger Miller “Kings of the Road” this season. Potentially this could be a good thing come playoff time. We all know it’s hard to win playoff hockey games on the road. Detroit will not be bothered by playing on the road come playoff time. Jimmy Howard needs to be solid between the pipes for Detroit to advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He is the key to the playoff car for sure. It’s close to Octopus time in Motown. Hey, hey Hockeytown!

Wearing of the green

The most famous golf course takes center stage this week. Yes, it’s Augusta National and time for the Masters. Who will win the green jacket in 2011? Tiger? Phil? or a long shot? I don’t have the answer, but I will watch and let the players and course decide who wins the Masters.

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