Matthew Smith best choice for 9th District Commissioner

I’m writing to encourage those living in the 9th District: Davison, Davison Twp., Richfield Twp., Otisville, Forest Twp., and Genesee Twp., to join me in casting their primary vote for Matthew Smith for Genesee County Commissioner. Mr. Smith has proven his strong leadership abilities representing majority of the 9th District already on the Davison Board of Education. He is a state certified board member in finance, policy, and labor relations to name a few.

His experience is impressive and expansive. Mr. Smith works in the world of small business as his family owns a successful flooring company in the heart of the county. In addition to his business experience, he understands how to make financial and accounting decisions as he serves as the supervisory committeeman for ELGA-Credit Union. Mr. Smith serves on multiple community non-profit boards such as the Right to Life as Board Secretary and Board President of the Genesee County Neighborhood Watch. He has demonstrated his ability to ask the proper questions and communicate with the public as he was a former journalist for WNEM-TV5 news. The Genesee County Board of Commission would greatly benefit from Matthew Smith, who is dedicated to the people of this community and has the necessary skills and experience to get the job done for all of us. I encourage you to Vote Matthew Smith for 9th District Genesee County Commissioner in the primary election Aug. 4. — Linette Duffie, Davison