MCC recipient of grants for military education

FLINT — The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency announced it has awarded Military Credit Equivalency (MCE) Grant funds to seven Michigan institutions of higher learning. Mott Community College, (MCC) is one of the seven.

The new grant program was created to support colleges and universities in their efforts to develop college transfer credit equivalencies for the education and training that veterans received while they served in the military.

During their time in the military, service members receive extensive education and training. The training provided by the military prepares service members to specialize in a wide range of military occupations. The MCE Grant will provide institutions with the resources to begin formalizing the connection between competencies acquired from military education and college curriculum.

The awarded funds, totaling more than $258,000, will be disbursed among the seven institutions. Recipients were selected to receive the one-time funding through a competitive grant process.

Details: Visit or call 800-MICH-VET (800-642-4838). — G.G.

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