MCC streamlines placement process to make enrolling easier in 2020

FLINT — Mott Community College (MCC) is making it easier for students to stay on track with their education this year with a placement system designed to help qualified incoming (new) Fall 2020 students impacted by the COVID-19 virus get enrolled without the need for a placement test.

Normally, the College requires incoming new students to take a placement test to assess their Math, English and Reading levels, using test results to place students in their first classes to help ensure academic success.

The temporary system being implemented for Fall 2020 will evaluate SAT, ACT CLEP and AP scores, high school GPA scores, and GED scores to place students in appropriate Math, English and Reading courses.

“The closures of thousands of schools due to the COVID-19 virus resulted in lost options students normally have for initial testing, and potential “re-take” opportunities,” said Jon Calderwood, Executive Director of Enrollment Management. “This has severely impacted students interested in enrolling in college for the Fall semester,” he added.

“Students can still elect to take the Accuplacer assessment (or only a part) remotely if they wish,” said Calderwood, adding, “or they can accept these new placement guidelines and allow our Academic Advising staff to create their educational success plan so they don’t have to take the Accuplacer assessment.”

The time limit on using the PSAT/ACT/SAT/ CLEP and AP scores is three years from the date taken and must not expire prior to the start of classes for the Fall of 2020.

“This is a more holistic approach that can utilize expanded multiple measures that work to create better placement, retention and persistence for the student,” Calderwood said.

MCC does not require applicants to take the PSAT/SAT and ACT assessment tests for admission, but the College does use them for placement. Students may be exempt from parts of the placement test if they have scored 27 or higher on the PSAT/SAT in Writing and Language & Reading (test scores), and 520 or higher in Math (section scores). For the ACT student must have a score of 20 or higher on the ACT in English and Reading; 22 or higher in Math.

For students with a GED, passing score(s) can now be used for placement into a course or courses based on the GED score in Math, English or Reading. For example, the GED test uses a score of 145 in each subject area to pass the GED test as a whole. We can now utilize that minimum score (and higher scores) to place students into courses. — G.G.