McIlroy wins The Open



The British Open was drama free as Rory McIlroy went wire to wire for the win.

McIlroy took a six-shot lead into the final round on Sunday and held on for a two-stroke victory. The pressure was on as no golfer had ever blown a six-shot lead on the last day of the Open.

Rory held off Sergio Garcia and Ricky Fowler for the win. Rory becomes the third youngest player to win three legs of golf’s Grand Slam. Rory has done it at 25-years-old. Jack Nicklaus did it at age 23 and Tiger Woods at age 24. I would say he is in some pretty elite company with Jack and Tiger. Rory now needs to win the Masters to complete the Grand Slam.

Do you think Rory’s dad enjoyed the victory on Sunday? Nine years ago Rory’s dad put 341 pounds at 500-1 odds that he would win the British Open within the next 10 years. The payout was $171,000. He and some friends also had some other bets on Rory.

Rory winning and it netted them some $300,000. A huge party must have taken place Sunday night! Ladbroke, who took the bets, said some 300 future prop bets are made on kids at incredible odds and every two or three years they have to pay out on one.

That’s the gambling business sports fans. Oh, and by the way, Rory’s payday wasn’t too bad either at $1.66 million for winning the British Open and the Claret Jug.

Way out of shape

The Detroit Tigers opened the second half of the season in poor shape. They dropped three of four to the Cleveland Indians at Comerica Park. The Tigers’ struggles of winning at home is just mind boggling to me.

What is really annoying is the joke called Joe Nathan. He flat out stinks as a closer.

The Saturday night debacle in the ninth inning was brutal. A 2-2 tie became a 5-2 Indians’ victory after Nathan gave up a bases-loaded extra base hit. It came with two outs to make matters worse. I just can’t watch this travesty pitch night in and night out. I am so over the Detroit Tigers and the closer situation. Go out and buy the best damn closer in the game! The window on winning a World Series is shrinking as each year rolls by.

The “King of Pizzas” Mr. Ilitch would love to see a World Series in his lifetime here in Motown. Mr. Ilitch turned 85 this past Sunday. I have to believe he is just as frustrated as the rest of us Tigers fans.

The trade deadline is next Thursday and I hope the Tigers can do something about this horrendous bullpen situation. Anyone miss Andy Dirks? I didn’t think. So use him in a trade because we don’t need him. Give Alex Avila away for a dozen dirty baseballs and I would be happy with that. October and the Tigers won’t last long if the bullpen stays as is.

Camp is in session

The NFL training camps open up this week and the Detroit Lions will open up camp on July 28. Jim Caldwell is the new coach in charge.

The Lions will have new offensive and defensive schemes to learn. Practices will be in the afternoon, not the mornings like in previous years. Is it really football time already? That’s hard to believe, actually. Hear the Lions SNORE oops …. I mean ROAR….

Feverish nonsense?

What’s the number one selling jersey in the NFL right now? I want you to take just one guess. Nope, not Manning or Brady, it’s none other than Johhny “Football” Manziel.

I absolutely find that stunning. Here is a guy who dropped in the draft and has yet to take one snap in the NFL. That just shows you how NFL fan bases can get excited in the offseason over their NFL selections in the draft. The Cleveland Browns and their fans have football fever over this Manziel kid. I think it’s great and the city of Cleveland needs some positive energy on the football field. Will Johhny be the starting quarterback come September? I have a funny feeling he will be. The Cleveland fans will go absolutely crazy if he is.

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