McLaren adopts visitor policy changes due to seasonal flu

FLINT — Due to the seasonal flu, as a precautionary measure, McLaren Flint has revised its visitor policy. The following changes to the Medical Center’s current visiting practices are effective immediately.

Healthy ADULTS only will be allowed to visit (no limit on the number other than existing policies)

No children under 18 years and younger will be allowed to visit (Exception: The father of the baby or birth coach will be permitted to enter the BirthPlace if they are healthy regardless of their age)

Visitors will be asked a series of questions related to fever, cough, sore throat, etc. If a “yes” response is given to any flulike symptoms, the visitor will be asked to go home.

After being screened for flu-like symptoms, all visitors will be given a sticker to wear so employees will know they have checked in.

Exceptions to these visiting regulations will be waived in the event of end of life situations.

These changes will remain in effect until further notice. — G.G.

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