Meals on Wheels postponing delivery meals due to COVID-19

FLINT — Genesee County Community Action Resource Department (GCCARD) was notified March 25 at 8 p.m. of potential COVID-19 exposure from a Mass Transportation Authority driver who was assigned to assist with meal deliveries.

This Individual was present and delivering meals for two days, March 16-17 and did not continue beyond those two days. The Individual was primarily a driver as part of a two-person team and has disclosed they did deliver meals to the door of some clients but never went inside.

This Individual did not demonstrate any symptoms until March 18 and the

Individual was then tested, and the results came back positive on March 25.

MTA ceased providing ANY and ALL drivers immediately (March 25, last day of delivery), to assess degree of exposure both amongst their staff as well as GCCARD operations.

The following actions have taken place since knowledge of the positive test result:

GCCARD has been in contact with Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) and are following their guidance.

GCCARD has identified the route that the subject delivered and is communicating information provided by GCHD to the 55 individuals that were involved.

GCCARD has continued to clean and sanitize as a standard procedure BUT have increased the frequency and thoroughness to increase cleanliness.

GCCARD will be shutting down the kitchen meal preparation and delivery operation beginning the end of the day March 27 and will not be operational for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with operations planned to resume on April 2.

(NO MEAL DELIVERY on March 30-April 1)

A very extensive and thorough cleaning and sanitation will occur during the shutdown.

As recommended by GCHD all staff will selfmonitor their health status (no quarantine is required) and will be advised to report any concerns accordingly. This will allow enough time to exceed the 14-day exposure period.

GCCARD took advanced actions to assure seniors have emergency meals in their homes and they currently have eight days (16 meals) on hand. They use the Friday delivery to inform them that they are to utilize emergency meals for the three days that they will not be delivering.

Upon resuming operations, GCCARD will begin the process of replacing the utilized emergency meals to assure an emergency reserve is maintained. — G.G.