Medicare Covers New Joint Pain Treatments



Are you suffering with some form of chronic or debilitating Joint Pain? Pain in the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Feet, Hands, Neck, Back or even Writs or Elbow is common but far from normal. Though many people are led to believe that there is nothing that can be done to treat their joint pain other than pain medication or surgery, there is now new, safe and effective treatment options available! The symptoms of joint pain can seem to start suddenly or slow, gradually worsening over time. Noticeable issues may include some or all of the following conditions; swelling, tenderness, buckling or locking of the joints, cracking or popping sounds, decreased range of motion, weakness, pain in the morning or after inactivity, pain when walking, discomfort when climbing stairs or rising from a seated position or kneeling along with many other uncomfortable situations. These problems can arise from a vast number of issues such as degeneration, arthritis bursitis, weight gain, past injury, failed surgery, the inability to have motion in the joint or many other underlying issues. Are you or someone you love suffering with chronic pain that is causing you and those around you to miss out on cherished times and beautiful memories? YOU ARE NOT ALONE… More than 30% of adults in the U.S.. are dealing with some form of life altering pain. Joint pain is actually one of the leading causes of chronic degenerative disease in the U.S. “When patients come see us, many have been placed on medications which clearly wont heal their underlying problem however some are not a candidate for surgery and others have already had a failed surgery and simply don’t want to go down that road again or even start down that road in the first place. So they come see us and thankfully our Joint Pain Protocols have an extremely high success rate, we wont accept a patient unless the team has full confidence that they are We have said it before and will say it again, the office has been the talk of the town since joining forces with medical and chiropractic and due to the fantastic results patients see regarding treatment options to initiate healing, enhance function, range of motion and the quality of their lives. Your Invitation for a comprehensive Joint Pain Consultation & Examination to determine if you are a candidate for treatment… Our paper has teamed up with the Painless Medical & Chiropractic teams once again to help readers learn about new options for finding pain relief! All you have to do to receive a comprehensive Joint Pain Consultation & Examination with the most advanced Pain Free Testing and a full, easy to understand report of findings is Call (810) 957-4505 Mention (Code: JOINT321) they have agreed to reduce the usual consultation and exam fee of $267 to just $49 but the office does accept all insurance and some may have no fees at all. Hurry, due to the number of patients the office is able to see, at this exclusively discounted rate, this is a limited time offer, with only 30 spaces available. The office has confirmed that this will be on a first come first serve basis and messages left over the Hip, Tennis Elbow, Back & Neck problems, Whiplash along with Headaches and Vertigo and now Weight Loss using a new medical protocol where patients are safely loosing 5-8 lbs a week. Patients report time and again that they are able to get out of pain while dramatically improving and regaining their quality of life with the help of the Painless Team. The clinic just moved to the new, much larger location at 404 Rounds Dr. Fenton and is a full collaboration of a well running Medical and Chiropractic team