Flint Township Treasurer

Marsha Binelli

Marsha Binelli

Name: Marsha Binelli

Age: 56

Hometown: Flushing Mi. Lives in Flint Township

Family: Son Victor Binelli; Grandson Gabriel Binelli

Occupation: Flint Township Treasurer, Director of Sewer & Water Department

Political experience: Flint Township Deputy Supervisor, 2006-2008 Flint

Township Treasurer, 2012 to present

Education: Central Michigan University; MiCPT Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer

Tell voters in less than 200 words what you consider to be the most important issues facing your community and how you will address them if elected:

Experienced and dedicated in managing solid and safe investments which is in compliance with Flint Township’s policies. Continue to have a balanced budget and a healthy fund balance. Keeping the exceptional customer service that the township has with our residents and businesses as they are our top priority. Public safety and road improvements will always be important. I will continue to have a functional and effective relationship with the Personnel Committee and the Board of Trustees.

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