MIAAA supports MHSAA rules enforcement

LAPEER COUNTY – With essential rules and regulations for high school sports in the news spotlight, the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association on Dec. 27 issued the following statement supporting those policies and the Michigan High School Athletic Association, the statewide service organization which helps schools administer those rules.

In light of recent highly-publicized eligibility matters gaining attention in our state, the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA) is offering its full support to the Michigan High School Athletic Association in its continued enforcement of the rules and regulations that schools must follow each year when the individual school’s Board of Education votes to become a voluntary member of the MHSAA.

Each school and its designated administrator has the duty to follow and support the rules as written. The MIAAA has a strong role in crafting MHSAA regulations which are reviewed, updated and adopted annually by all member schools. All parts of the MHSAA transfer rule including the Athletic Motivated Regulation are part of a body of rules which schools agree to adopt as their own each year. The MIAAA strongly supports this rule and other rules that discourage students from changing schools because of sports.

Athletic Administrators throughout the state and nation are entrusted to make sure they model for the student-athletes by upholding ethical behavior, enforcing written rules, and supporting policies and procedures agreed to in advance. It is the role of Administrators to be the guardians of fair play, sportsmanship, level playing fields and ethical behavior. The MIAAA and the MHSAA share these basic beliefs for all student-athletes of Michigan.

The two organizations work in concert with each other in all areas. The MIAAA has representation on all MHSAA committees and is provided multiple opportunities to provide input on proposed MHSAA rule and regulation changes.

The MIAAA is a voluntary professional organization for all Athletic Administrators of schools in Michigan. The Association is a 501(c)(3) organization working to provide professional development, leadership, and networking opportunities to any person working in school Athletic Departments.

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