Michigan Propane needs the Great Lakes Tunnel

Building the Great Lakes Tunnel is the best way to protect Michigan’s propane needs. As the former owner of a propane company and now an advisor and consultant within the industry, I am keenly aware on how much our state relies on propane every single day. In fact, Michigan has the highest rate of residential propane consumption in the country. That breaks down to more than 320,000 Michigan homes that are relying on propane.

Taking Line 5 and burying it far below the lakebed will ensure that this essential energy source is safe to use for the foreseeable future. We must utilize long-term solutions to protect Line 5 because it meets 55 percent of our state’s propane needs. If we were to face a Line 5 closure, it would be impossible to find a good alternative, especially not an affordable one. Our economy would be devastated, and families would be left scrambling. That is the last thing anyone wants.

It is time to build the Great Lakes Tunnel – our families, businesses, communities, and workers are all counting on it. — David Lowe, Grand Blanc