Michigan Retailers Assn. seeks century-old retailers

LANSING — The Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) is searching for Michigan Centennial Retailers — current retail businesses that have been in operation for 100 years or more.

MRA will honor the latest group of Centennials as part of the organization’s Annual Meeting of the membership on Aug. 23 in Lansing. Since 2000, MRA has identified and recognized 85 century-old retailers.

“For businesses to survive and thrive despite the dramatic changes of the past 100 or more years is a remarkable achievement,” said MRA President and CEO James P. Hallan. “It’s fitting to celebrate their accomplishments.” To notify MRA of a Michigan Centennial Retailer, contact MRA’s Laura Schilling at lschilling@retailers.com or 800.366.3699. Notification also can be submitted online at MRA’s website, www.retailers.com (under Education and Events, Member Recognition).

Submissions should be received by Aug. 15. Eligible retailers will be contacted and asked to provide a brief history and other information about their business.— G.G.

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