Michigan road conditions continue to decline — study



MICHIGAN — Initial results from an annual rating of Michigan road conditions show that 38 percent of the state’s paved federal-aid system is in poor condition, up from 33 percent in 2013, according to a report released last week.

The 2014 rating was performed on behalf of the Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC), which is currently analyzing the road and bridge condition data in preparation for the release this spring of its 2014 Michigan Roads and Bridges Annual Report to the State Transportation Commission and the Michigan Legislature.

The 5 percent change represents 3,470 additional lane miles falling into the poor category in 2014. It is the largest single-year increase in poor roads in the last seven years and the second-largest increase since the TAMC began collecting the data in 2006.

As noted in the 2013 TAMC Annual Report, at current funding levels, the condition of Michigan’s road network will continue to deteriorate. More information about the TAMC is available online at www.michigan.gov/tamc.

The TAMC was established to expand the practice of asset management statewide to enhance the productivity of investing in Michigan’s roads and bridges, according to its web site. Part of the TAMC’s mission is to collect physical inventory and condition data on all roads and bridges in Michigan.

TAMC is a legislated body of representatives from agencies who own roads or are responsible for road funding that coordinate:

•Collection of the condition of federal aid eligible roads and bridges

•Collection of asset investment data

•Reporting of the collected data and analysis to the Legislature and State Transportation Commission — R.S.

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