Millage campaigning ramping up

FLINT TWP. – Efforts are ramping up to push for passage of two township millage renewals on the November ballot.

Township voters will be asked to renew a .25-mill Fire Safety Protection Equipment millage for five years and a .50-mill Road Millage for ten years. Both are due to expire December 31.

A half-page informational leaflet has been created to hand out to voters and also a large project map has been created detailing how road millage funds have benefited the township in the past ten years. The project map is displayed at the township hall and also will be posted online.

Major road projects are highlighted in black on the township map, said Supervisor Karyn Miller, while showing the map at the township board meeting.

More than $5 million spent on road projects in the past ten years were paid for with road millage funds, she said.

“Without that money, most of that work would not be done,” she said. Additionally millage funds were used each year to grade dirt roads and spray chloride treatments to control dust, she said.

It will be the second time this year that voters will be asked to renew the road millage. A renewal proposal on the May ballot was narrowly rejected by voters with 2,529 (51.24 pct) voting no and 2,407 (48.75 pct) voting yes.

Township officials decided in July to try again to convince voters to approve the renewal.

The leaflet being circulated emphasizes that voters are not being asked to approve new taxes but to renew existing ones.

Trustee Frank Kasle said he would like to see dollar amounts added to the road millage project map to show voters how much was spent where.

During public comment, several residents spoke in favor of renewing the road millage. One stipulated that he would only vote for it if he is assured that the township’s Road Advisory Committee would be retained to help decide how to spend the funds.

Trustee Frank Kasle said he was not aware of any plan to disband the Road Advisory Committee and asked Supervisor Miller for confirmation.

She said that the bylaws state that the committee serves during the tenyear term of the millage which expires December 31.

If the road millage is renewed in November, committee members now serving on the Road Advisory will be invited to continue but must be reapproved, she said. She also added that there are a few opening on the committee due to resignations.

Trustee George Menoutes asked for a written copy of the names of current Road Advisory Committee members and those who have left.

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