Miller defends township clerk’s office

Eight weeks ago, I was approached by concerned citizens to run as a candidate for the vacant clerk position in Davison Township. They were troubled that the opposing candidate wasn’t qualified, experienced or, much less, ever held a position in any level of government – and was being fronted by an individual that is unelectable. My 16 years of public service as township treasurer afforded me invaluable experience and knowledge working alongside two of the most competent, dedicated, and professional clerks that have served in the past 20 years. Their service was exemplary in demeanor and honor and the township was in excellent shape with annual audits showing the same.

Sadly, my opponent has chosen to vilify these ladies, as well as myself, with false statements, outright deception, and accusations that have no facts to support them. But the biggest, most appalling, and disgusting charge is that there was fraud in our past elections. I ask, where is your proof to back this up? If this was true, the present township board won by fraudulent means. How absurd! Our past clerks, prior to the 2020 elections, were so highly respected and regarded that they chaired numerous election boards and were sought out to help run other municipality’s elections. It is also a slap in the face to all the dedicated men and women who served and devoted their time to ensure that the electoral process is safe, secure, and above all reproach. This just shows how far my opponent will stoop to win an elected position.

Finally, don’t be deceived by falsehoods and dishonesty. Check the facts and you will find that all these accusations are outright fabrications. Don’t be swayed by distorted statements and deceptions. Vote for experience, integrity, and service. Please vote for Patrick Miller on Nov. 2. I thank you in advance for your support, and I pledge to serve with integrity as a representative of the people. — Patrick R. Miller, Davison Township