Mission Safari adventure maze at Sloan Museum at Courtland Center

BURTON — The Sloan Museum at Courtland Center will hold a Mission Safari adventure maze exhibit beginning Oct. 2 through Jan. 2.

Spin the wheel and your adventure is real with Mission Safari. Spider webs, jungle vines, swinging bars and more await you in this a-maze-ing Mission Safari adventure that’s both educational and fun.

Learn how your favorite animals get around and try their movements on for size while learning about efforts to save their habitats! Can you jump as far as a Kangaroo? Can you glide like an eagle? Can you navigate a web like a black widow?

Find out while learning about biodiversity, conservation, and your favorite animals in this interactive maze experience that’s never the same experience twice!

Step 1: Spin the wheel to determine your companion animal.

Step 2: Find it in the maze.

Step 3: Discover fascinating facts about your companion animal.

There are 48 missions to explore.

Details: Visit sloanlongway.org. G.G.