Moms join forces to give DHS seniors a prom

DAVISON — When it became clear Davison High School would be unable to hold a prom for the Class of 2021, mom Jennifer Allen rallied the community to offer a private prom.

Allen and a group of other moms of Davison High School seniors are putting together “An Evening Under the Stars,” an outdoor prom to be held May 21 from 6-11 p.m., with dinner at 7 p.m., at the Davison Country Club.

Allen said if ticket sales are 100 or less students, the event will be held indoors at the Country Club. If between 100- 300, the event will be held outdoors under a tent, according to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 guidelines.

Restricted to just seniors, she said if ticket sales are less than 150, seniors will be allowed to bring a date, but that decision will depend on how many tickets are sold. Sales are this week at Dougies Coffee Shop, 220 N. Main St., in Davison. Sales began Monday and will continue today (Thursday) from 2-4 p.m.

Allen said the parents organizing the prom understand why the school can’t do it, but said they wanted to step-up and take the event over so there was a chance seniors could enjoy one traditional school event this year.

“No one is upset with the school, their hands are tied,” she said. “We knew that current guidelines say outdoor gatherings you can have up to 300 people, so we knew we could do it within guidelines. The kids have missed a lot this year. This class missed the entire year with very little afterschool activities, clubs or student council…the fun is gone. The kids aren’t having fun at school at all.”

She and fellow mom Lori Aumick said there are girls who weren’t able to go to their prom last year who still have unused prom dresses at home they were never able to wear.

“I’ve seen the effect on my kids,” said Aumick. “Every aspect of school has changed. They are bored, they’re depressed – they just want to do things kids their age would want to do.”

Allen said the prom will include a three-course dinner and dessert, as well as a DJ, photo booth, roaming photographer and B-Dawgs Hot Dog Cart for an evening snack.

The parents and volunteers will be handling decorations and are accepting donations to help with the details. Allen said ticket sales cover the venue and the three-course dinner, DJ photo booth, photographer and printing of the tickets. Still needed are white lights, heaters for the tents, a dance floor and she said she’d like to decorate the bathrooms to give them that high school prom touch.

Providing the desserts are A&A Sweets and Treats in Davison and father and daughter Corey and Jillian Tate who provide cupcakes for an annual Davison Pumpkin Festival fundraiser. B-Dawgs Hot Dog Cart is courtesy of Davison Mayor Tim Bishop.

Allen said the prom committee is trying to provide help for students who need help with the cost of tickets, dresses and other prom expenses. She said they understand with people out of work during COVID-19 not everyone can afford the cost that prom usually means. She said help is available with dresses through Andy’s Attic at St. John the Evangelist Church in Davison, David’s Bridal and Bella Boutique.

Social distancing guidelines will be followed, said Allen, who added she expects there will be a sign posted about following those guidelines at the prom venue.

Anyone wishing the help with the prom can contact Allen at the Davison Senior Prom 2021 on Facebook. If there are further ticket sales they will be announced soon.