More funding earmarked for River Forest repairs

FLINT TWP. — Some extra dollars have been added to the fund toward much-needed repairs of River Forest Drive.

In February the township allocated $98,000 of its 2015 Community Development Block Grant funding to repairing the badly deteriorated road.

Last month, the board approved an amendment of the CDBG budget to reallocate $5,200 from code enforcement and $1,400 previously earmarked for sidewalks.

According to info given the board, a sidewalk review determined that no repairs were needed this year. Also extra money was allocated to code enforcement because an employee was on leave.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked how far funds would go to address problems on the badly deteriorated road.

“I understand whatever money we can get is good, but it’s not enough to do it all,’’ he said.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said the bulk of funds would be directed to repairing catch basins on the road because poor drainage has contributed to the deterioration of the roadway and must be fixed first. She said she did not know how many catch basin repairs would be covered by available funds. Some of the money will go to patching the road.

“We are not going to go in there and tear it (the) road out,’’ she said.

To do that, River Forests residents must agree to a special assessment, which is how subdivision roads are generally repaired.

The township would pay 25 percent of costs, if residents agreed to pay 75 percent of it through a special assessment, MIller said.

“Residents have made it clear they don’t want a special assessment,’’ she added.

A resident came to the board in April to report that a section of the road had completely caved in.

Residents have long complained of the difficulty driving down the rutted road and of hazards posed to school buses and emergency vehicles.

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