More information needed locally on COVID-19 pandemic

Two thoughts:

1. This would be a great time for the City of Grand Blanc and the Township to write joint updates about the need for the city and township to work together in a partnership to protect the community against the COVID-19 pandemic. It would be great to see a partnership between the two to discuss updates about what is being done, what’s working, what doesn’t seem to be working, and what they are doing to protect the community, including citizens and businesses. A weekly update from both together would go a long way to reduce anxiety and showing how the 2 governments were working together.

2. It is easy to find updates on the number of cases and deaths in Genesee County and the number of cases in the City and Township. But it is very difficult to find the number of deaths in the city of Grand Blanc or the Township. Also, it would be helpful for the Grand Blanc View to help the community understand why the City and Township have a relatively high number of cases in Genesee County. Is it the size of the population? Is it the close proximity to Flint and Flint Township? What accounts for the high number of cases in the Grand Blanc community…and why does the City, which has a much lower population than the Township, have just a slightly lower number of cases than the Township? What might account for this? — Bill Neale, Grand Blanc