More road safety projects authorized by City of Flushing

FLUSHING — Over the past few months, Flushing City Council has explored and approved several options for improving traffic safety along Main Street.

At Monday’s meeting, the council unanimously authorized two general safety project program applications to address high traffic areas in the city.

Jack Wheatley, Vice President of ROWE Professional Services Company, proposed a plan to change lane configuration from four lanes down to three on Main Street from Chamberlain to Pierson Road, and on Pierson Road from Elms Road to Main Street.

According to Wheatley, the sections in question have been prone to rear end and angle type accidents, mainly due to speeding drivers and the route’s high traffic volume. He said that reducing the lane configuration from four lanes to three could cut down on accidents, while forcing drivers to slow down.

Councilman John Gault raised a concern that the lane reduction might encourage drivers to tailgate. Wheatley responded by saying that three lanes can handle the same amount of traffic as four, without overly hampering travel for drivers.

Wheatley also proposed restriping for lanes on Main Street to go along with a traffic calming plan that he recommended to council last month. Per Wheatley’s advice, the city has already considered adding speed limit pavement markings and radar signs on Main Street.

“I’ve had several conversations with citizens who want to see road dye (restriping) on Main Street,” said Mayor Kevin Keane. “It should have an effect on slowing traffic coming into the city.”

Wheatley said that restriping on Main Street would take less than two years to complete.

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