More than 700 signatures gathered on resident’s tethering petition

— After two months of raising awareness on the issue of 24- hour tethering of dogs, resident Annie Carlson has gathered more than 700 signatures for her online petition to help change current Michigan law.

Carlson, who began her online petition in early August, recently held an informational meeting Oct. 14 on the petition. “Ten people came to the meeting, including Art Reyes who has been very supportive,” she said. Since the meeting, more awareness has been raised on the current Michigan law and Carlson’s goal to change it.

“My goal is at least 1,000 signatures and I hope to get that within the next few weeks,” she said.

Under current Michigan law, an individual cannot tether a dog “unless the tether is at least three times the length of the dog as measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail and is attached to a harness or nonchoke collar designed for tethering.” It is legal for an individual to keep a dog tethered 24 hours a day for its entire life, regardless of breed said Carlson.

She would like to see the law changed so that “No person or persons shall have the right to tether, fasten, chain, or tie a dog any longer than is necessary for the person to complete a temporary task that requires the dog to be restrained for a reasonable period.” Carlson cites California’s law on tethering, which limits the amount of time a dog can be tethered to three hours.

Individuals interested in viewing or signing the petition can visit www.ipetitions. com/petition/canine_tethering/. Donations are not required to sign. For more information, individuals can e-mail Carlson at

In addition to the petition, Carlson has started a Facebook page called “Michigan Citizens Against Canine Long Term Tethering.” A soon-to-be-formed coalition also will go by the same name. To access the Facebook page, visit: Citizens-Against-Canine-Long-term- Tethering/149046685108656?v=wall#!/p ages/Michigan-Citizens-Against-Canine- Long-term-Tethering/149046685108656..

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