Motor City Meltdown

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The Motor City Meltdown is what I will call the Detroit Lions’ 2013 football season. The Monday-night loss to the Baltimore Ravens was one of the worst ever for this rag-tag organization. It’s the worst NFL organization by far and in first place all by themselves in that race for worst organization. The only first place they have a firm hold of, I might add. The big stage was set for the Lions to take control of the NFC North division title. Just a short time ago the Lions were sitting at 6-3 and playoff football was in the deck of cards. We all know the Lions’ script for success, though, don’t we? No, we don’t, because there is no script! They will find a way to screw up the best of scripts. A loss to Pittsburgh on a fake field goal debacle. Then a loss to a pathetic Tampa Bay team, at home no less. A 14-0 lead at Philadelphia late in the third quarter became another epic collapse of a loss. Yet, with all these blunders after blunder the “Cry Ons” still controlled their own playoff fate. Hard to believe, wasn’t it? Yes, it was.

The Lions can’t blow a home game on Monday night with 65,000 screaming fans all wearing blue? That’s not how Hollywood would write this final script. It should be a victory and all fans go home happy with playoff thoughts dancing in their heads. WRONG! The Lions’ two stars one and one “A” Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson played awful football games under the big lights and stage. Stafford throws three interceptions, and interceptions have been a huge problem all season long. I am sick and tired of everyone thinking how great Stafford is. He needs to step up his game and leadership.

I just don’t see leadership qualities coming from number nine. The quarterback has to be a leader on the football field. He acts like he doesn’t give a rat’s tail about losing and throwing picks. Calvin, the great Megatron, as we have anointed him here in Detroit, under the big lights he drops two huge passes that would have been first downs. The first one changed the whole complexion of the first half. It was a typical Detroit Lions football under-performance on the big stage.

Oh, and by the way, these two players are paid very, very well to make plays. I feel both of these players need to accept more leadership on this football team. I also believe it’s time for Stafford to elevate his game to the next level. Hey, maybe he has hit his ceiling already? That is a definite possibility, too.

The Lions’ coaching staff, after this Motor City meltdown, should have sealed its fate for next year. Jim Schwartz has taken this team as far as he can. He is constantly out-coached and makes horrible decisions on the sidelines. I could go on for hours analyzing his miscues. The play-calling by Scott Linehan has been so predicable, it’s sickening. How can, on a third and 1, Linehan run an empty backfield with no threat of the defense even thinking it’s a possible run? That is so darn stupid, a junior high coach knows better. I sit in my seats and can tell you 90 percent of the time whether it’s a run or a pass. Heck, if I know, then you know the opposing defense knows. The frustration of this whole Lions team is a statewide frustration and I feel sorry for me and the entire Detroit Lions fan base. The “Same Old Lions” stigma might never leave the Lions in my lifetime. The Lions are like Lucy and Charlie Brown; they will never ever get to kick the ball. My NFL picks will not finish over .500 for the first time in a long time unless I get super hot.

Miami – 2.5 over BUFFALO
CAROLINA – 3 over New Orleans
Dallas – 3 over WASH.
ST. LOUIS – 5.5 over Tampa Bay
PHILA. -3 over Chicago
N.Y. JETS – 2.5 over Cleveland
KC – 6 over Indianapolis
CINC. – 7over Minnesota
Denver -10 over HOUSTON
J’VILLE + 6 over Tennessee
SEATTLE – 10 over Arizona
N.Y. Giants + 9.5 over DETROIT
SAN DIEGO – 10 over Oakland
Pittsburgh + 7 over GREEN BAY
N.England + 2.5 over BALT.
SAN FRAN – 12 over Atlanta
LAST WEEK: 7-8-1
SEASON: 89-97-10
BEST BET: 8-5-1

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