Flint Township View

MotorCities honors Flint’s Back to the Bricks with Its Heritage Tourism Award

LANSING — On Oct. 30he MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership honored Flint’s Back to the Bricks with its award for Heritage Tourism, part of the 6th annual Awards of Excellence during Michigan Auto Heritage Day ceremonies at the Capitol Rotunda in Lansing.

Back to the Bricks is an annual Flint event which paved the road for other organizations to turn toward the city of Flint to host their events downtown. The organization produces familyfriendly automotive-themed events that reflect Flint, Michigan’s auto heritage – bringing a positive impact to the city. The festive celebrations held today attract half a million car enthusiasts and spectators from around the world.

“We are truly honored, but more so humbled to be receiving this recognition” Al Hatch, the founder of Back to the Bricks, said accepting the award.

Michigan Automotive Heritage Day and the Awards of Excellence began in 2014 and have become an annual opportunity to celebrate the story that can only be told in Michigan: how this area “Put The World On Wheels.”