Motorcyclist killed in crash on I-69

FLINT TWP. — A 34-year-old Flint Township man was killed April 19 when the motorcycle he was driving collided with a semi-truck on I-69 east of I-75.
The accident happened at 3:05 p.m., and the Flint Township Police Department responded to there scene where they discovered a traffic crash involving a semi-truck and a motorcycle. One victim was fatally injured, the motorcyclist. He was pronounced dead at the scene.   
Flint Township Police said the investigation revealed two motorcycles were riding in tandem. These motorcycles were exiting from the north/south bound I-75 ramp onto east bound I-69. The lead motorcyclist passed a pick-up truck on the right and then motioned for the second rider.  
The second rider passed on the inside lane around the pick-up truck crossing over the merger paved divider area.  It was at this point when the second rider collided into the side of the semi-truck, police said.
The lead motorcyclist never stopped and never returned to the scene, according to Lt. Tim Jones of the Flint Township Police Department. 
Police are asking anyone with knowledge of who the lead motorcyclist is to please contact Detective Alex Minto at 810-600-3250. 

The accident is still under investigation. — VIEW staff


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