MTA seeks additional funding

GENESEE COUNTY — For the second time this year, voters are asked to approve funding for the Flint Mass Transportation Authority.

The request for 0.425 mils will be before voters in Tuesday’s general election. It comes on the heels of a five-year renewal of 0.4 mils for Your Ride, which voters approved in August.

If the new request passes, owners of homes worth $100,000 would pay $21.25 per year for five years from 2015 through 2019, records show.

It would generate about $3,851,784 annually for the fixed route (big bus) and Your Ride services.

Ballot language indicates the increase is sought to offset cuts in state and federal funding, as well as losses in local tax revenues due to declining property values.

The renewal, which will raise about $3.4 million annually, was approved 29,623 to 13,937. — L.R.

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