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Great Lakes Flotation relieves everyday stress



SWARTZ CREEK — People seeking deep relaxation, a good night’s sleep, or a fresh outlook on things are driving from all over east Michigan just to float in the Creek – at Great Lakes Flotation LLC.

“There are lots of stressed people in Michigan,” said owner Terri Stangl. “When people learn how floating is a healthful, non-invasive way to relieve that stress, they want to try it. “

Stangl said clients are surprised at how different they feel afterwards and how big the tanks are. She recently attended a conference with enthusiasts from 15 countries, including doctors and scientists who are impressed with and studying the benefits of regular floating for body and mind.

Great Lakes Flotation’s clientele is diverse. It includes business owners, educators, attorneys, health practitioners, busy parents, workers in the trades, artists and yoga instructors. Many drive an hour or more to float. The Center’s two float tanks are 8’ long, 4.5’ high and 4’ wide.

Clients float effortlessly on 10” of warm water, saturated with more than 800 pounds of Epsom salts. In the weightless, quiet, and dark tank space, body and mind relax. Since many relax even more during a second or third session, new clients can purchase discounted three session packages.

Great Lakes Flotation opened in 2011. It is co-located with several complimentary businesses: NTouch Massage, Nature’s Path Medical Center, and Aura Nails. An experienced acupuncturist is also now available on Mondays.

Details: Call 810-584-5511 or go to

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