Mundy Twp. officials prioritize service to community in 2021

MUNDY TWP. — Once little more than an agrarian community nestled between the bustling worlds of its neighbors, Mundy Township has come into its own in recent decades.

In 2021, a forward-thinking Board of Trustees and administration plans to keep that momentum going and further the effort to provide the community with its own, unique identity while preserving the beneficial qualities of its history.

“I would say, the 2021 chapter of Mundy Township is really one of two things in terms of goals,” said township Manager Chad Young. “We talk about finishing up or polishing off or putting finishing touches on some flagship projects. But we’re also taking a very purposeful, measured approach to the future, in particular doing some very specific strategic planning. Or, as Supervisor (Tonya) Ketzler puts it, deciding what we want to be when we grow up.”

In the November election, voters seated three new board members and moved some seasoned members into new leadership roles.

“That has led to a drive, particularly from our new supervisor, to undertake that real, purposeful strategic planning,” Young said.

“Strategic planning doesn’t take place over night. We will continue to work on that.

“For the first time I’m aware of in township history, our board has formed a senior services subcommittee designed to be a liaison and informational piece for our community. We have a number of senior citizen centers in surrounding communities, but no dedicated senior center in Mundy Township. So, we feel that is an area we can expand and offer more, even if it’s just informational and connects folks with nearby services.”

Township officials are looking forward to completing the park on Hill Road in the coming year.

“It is, of course, an area that can really be used for outdoor recreation and connecting with an outdoor, natural lifestyle,” Young said. “With the challenges of past year with COVID and people being stuck at home, that’s something that will be a dramatic improvement, people getting out and enjoying some time outside their own four walls.”

As part of their park plan, township officials are reaching out to engage the public in the process.

“We are always seeking the residents’ input when it comes to the park,” said Young.

Earlier this month, township officials sent out a survey in which they sought ideas and input on naming the park.

“Right now, it’s just kind of known as the Hill Road park,” said Young. “But we’d like to put a less generic stamp on it and get some community involvement.”

There are, of course, the usual, annual public works projects to tackle, including various road projects.

In that realm, “we’re looking to be as responsible and prudent as possible,” said Young.

But the current year has highlighted a lot of unpredictability, and the township Board of Trustees wants to maintain what they feel has been a “very prudent approach” to providing for the residents while also addressing some of the challenges of the past year, he said.

“The largest thing is continuity, looking to be as prudent and responsible as possible with what the past year has thrown at us in terms of challenges,” Young said. “We want to make sure our township services can be maintained through whatever the future holds, and being purposeful in design and planning so if we have additional challenges, we can face them head on and not have to look at any downsides.”

Some residents will notice a big change in one very necessary service that often is taken for granted: trash collection. Currently, Republic collects refuse on multiple days around the township.

“One major change we have coming up is Republic (Waste Services) has dedicated to moving us from four days to a single day (of trash collection),” Young said. “So, hopefully, that will eliminate some confusion about when they’re supposed to be picked up, and eliminate the misses on the part of their drivers. I believe that can be a big piece of the challenges we’ve faced – how many days it takes place across our community.”