NBA Finals full of drama



The NBA Finals are a solid 2-0 in favor of the Golden State Warriors. The Game-Two win by Golden State was decisive and quite convincing, as the Cavaliers were blown out by the Warriors. The controversy and mysterious finish to Game One was head scratching from a couple of perspectives. The first head scratcher was the charge that LeBron James took in the lane that was then changed to a block.

Say what? I didn’t know a foul call could even be changed. Did you?

I know now that it can!

The show LeBron James put on in Game One, going off for 51 points and basically putting the Cavs on his shoulders, was awesome must-see TV!

The blunder by J.R. Smith at the end of the game was a blunder of epic proportions! He rebounded the George Hill free-throw miss and dribbled out the clock with the gamed tied up? How can you not even know the score of the basketball game? He said he knew after the game that it was a tie game.

Yeah, right, and I know that ice cream is an important part of a diet! Come on, J.R., fess up to your blunder like a man! I guess he did eventually admit it, because he realized it was so stupid to think all hoop fans believed that line. The bottom line is, the Warriors won in overtime 124-114, and then the controversy was swirling!

I see this series over in five games, or maybe only four!

The next question is, will Lebron be taking his talents back to Cleveland? The summer of his landing spot will be a major discussion.

Remarkable year for Knights

The Stanley Cup Finals are currently playing while I bang on this keyboard Monday night. The Washington Capitals are holding a 3-0 lead over Las Vegas. I stated last week, quite confidently, that the Capitals, down 1-0 in the Cup, would come back to win the coveted Lord Stanley! My prognostication looks pretty darned good at this current time!

The snake-bit Washington Capitals will finally remove the choke label attached to this hockey club over the last two decades.

I cannot overstate what a remarkable year the Las Vegas (expansion) Knights put together. We will never see an expansion team make a run like this in many years to come. However, it’s not a true expansion team in theory! I will miss watching pucks when this thing ends sometime this week. Let the parade preparations begin in Washington!

Will we see a new Triple Crown winner?

The Belmont Stakes will be run this Saturday in the early evening. Will a Triple Crown winner be crowned? Can Justify complete the final, and toughest, leg of the Triple Crown?

There have been so many horses who have won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, only to fall short in this mile-and-a-half dash for cash. There have only been 12 Triple Crown winners, which is testament to how hard it is to win a Triple Crown. I believe Justify will go off at about even money when they unlatch the gates on Saturday.

I am not so sure, though, that he will win the Triple Crown as I thought the Preakness took a lot out of Justify to win. He was pushed hard and seemed to be laboring down the stretch run.

The two horses I like to win, or at least have a shot at Justify, are Bravazo and Hofburg. I have a gut hunch on Tenfold, too. I think one of those three horses will run down Justify at the Belmont. The excitement that American Pharoah created in 2015 with the Triple Crown has me rooting for Justify to win this Belmont. I just don’t think it will happen, yet I hope to be wrong, which I have been numerous times in my predicting career. I hope your ticket on the race is a winner!

Place your bets

The Supreme Court ruling for legalized sports gambling will take center stage in Delaware on Tuesday, as it will feature the first single-game wagering outside of Las Vegas.

All of the gambling world will be watching and many other states will also be offering the same type of wagering.

This is long overdue and times are changing!

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