Nearly $1M restored to twp. budget

FLINT TWP. — Finding money is always a good thing and that goes double for funds recently recouped by Flint Township government.

Through various sources, the township’s fund balance has grown by nearly $900,000, said Supervisor Karyn Miller in a report last week to the West Flint Business Association.

Miller said about $250,000 came from receiving a bit more in revenue from taxes than projected.

Another $279,000 was returned by the police department from its underspent overtime budget, Budget projections for overtime are made in the fall of the previous year, she said. But the police force underspent its budget due to having a younger staff.

“We have had about half of our police department retire and brought in younger (officers) who are not getting injured and are not ill,’’ she said. So Police Chief George Sippert has returned the surplus.

The remainder of the found money came in the form of $312,000 from an insurance company which has been collecting dividends for about 15 years, Miller said.

“When all was said and done, our fund balance grew by almost $900,000,’’ MIller said to applause.

But she added that the township’s operating expenses are just under $1 million a month and about $11 million a year. Township revenues are projected to decrease for the next couple of years, depleting the fund balance.

“It is my goal to keep our expenses less than our revenues,’’ Miller said of upcoming challenges the board will face to balance the budget.

Reserves like the recouped $900,000 will help see the township through lean times, she said.

Miller also reported that the township board held a special meeting earlier this month to finalize the contract with the firefighter’s union. The contract had been subject to negotiation for nearly a year before both sides agreed to terms hammered out with a mediator. The township board twice rejected the agreement at regular meetings before finally accepting it after meeting in closed session with its attorney, MIller said.

“So now all of are unions are set for the next two years and they are contributing to their health care,’’ Miller reported. — Rhonda S. Sanders

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