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The Big House had some nervous tension this past Saturday afternoon. The Michigan Wolverines barely escaped with a win over lowly, Akron. The Wolverines were thirty-nine point favorites to win this football game! Quick math tells me that’s close to six touchdowns! It was a total disgrace of a football game if ask me. There is no excuse for the Akron Zips to even be in this game against the mighty Michigan Wolverines. Akron for cripe sakes is a bottom feeder in the MAC.

Devin Gardner played awesome against the Notre Dame team yet stunk up the joint against the Zips. Every single Michigan player should be ashamed of themselves for that performance. I also think the coaching staff deserves some blame too! They should have lit up the locker room at half time and lit a fire under their football team. The history of Toledo and Appalachian State winning in the Big House is embarrassing enough. Michigan won the game but it sure as heck feels like a loss if you ask me. Next up for Michigan is a trip to U-Conn. I expect a big victory this Saturday night in Connecticut. Michigan is a eighteen point favorite and I think they will roll the Huskies. Fat Guy crystal cheese ball prediction: No Blue In The Face This Week 38 and U-Can’t 16.

Irish up next

The Michigan State Spartans fresh off a victory over Youngstown State will travel to South Bend, Indiana. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame await the arrival of the Spartans. Michigan State has had Irish’s number for the past decade. Michigan State will need to find some offense this weekend if they want to win against the Irish. I expect this game to be a defensive battle. Michigan State can play some defense for sure the offense is the problem. I don’t see a lot points in this contest. Game time is 3:30 p.m. and the Irish are seven point favorites. The crystal cheese ball prediction is Lucky Irish 20 and No Sparty Party 13.

Ready for playoffs

The Detroit Tigers are starting to inch closer to a division title. Detroit is currently five games up on the Cleveland Indians and only need a combination of nine wins by Detroit or losses by Cleveland. There is no way Detroit doesn’t win the division. It’s just a matter of when. The sooner the better to clinch so Miguel Cabrera can rest up and get healthy. Miggy is hurting worst than my NFL handicapping skills. NOW THAT’S

HURTING! I know he wants to play but he needs some days off. He can barely get around the bases. He also struggles sometimes swinging the bat. A healthy Miggy in October is a must. We also want to rest a few other guys a game or two. It’s nice to see Alex Avilia hitting the baseball lately. Alex needs to contribute offensively here down the stretch. The rotation can also be set up if they can clinch the division here shortly. It’s getting close to October baseball and I can’t wait. I love playoff baseball period and it’s extra sweet when the Tig’s are participants.

Same ole, same ole

The Detroit “Lie Downs” took a nice lie down nap this past Sunday in the desert. Any Lions fans out there shocked by the result of the game? No none of you are surprised and neither am I. This is why the saying “Same Old Lions” is a hard one to shake off for all us fans. This was a game they were supposed to win and yet couldn’t get it done. Shocker stupid penalties were committed at critical times by the Lions? Nope no shocker there! Detroit needs 4 yards on fourthdownsolet’scalla3yardpassplay! Brain surgeon play calling I say! Most smart people would throw it to Calvin Johnson the No. 1 receiver. Detroit did not do that either. Brain surgeon move there also! Jim Schwartz needs to go as head coach he is a joke on the sidelines. I am so sick and tired of this team UNDER ACHIEVING! Next up a loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday in Washington. NFL Picks stink so far.

NFL Picks:

Kansas City + 3.5aover PHILA
TENNE – 3 over San Diego
MINN – 5over Cleve
Tampa + 7 over NEW ENG
Houston – 2.5over BALT
St Louis + 4.5 over DALLAS
NEW ORL – 8 over Arizona
WASH – 1.5over Detroit
CINCI + 3 over Grn Bay
Giants – pkover CAR
Atlanta – pk over MIAMI
SAN FRAN – 10 over Indy
J’ville + 20 over SEA
Buffalo + 2.5over Jets
PITT + 2 over Chicago
Oak + 15.5 over DEN
LAST WEEK: 5-10-1
SEASON: 10-20-2

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