New county clerk wants to modernize office

GENESEE COUNTY — John Gleason officially took over as Genesee County Clerk on Jan. 1. He said his new office is a place everybody is required to use at least twice in their life.

“Everybody has to use it at least twice: birth and death,” Gleason said. “In between the two bookends of life, we let you get married.”

Gleason follows Michael Carr as the county clerk, who served in the position from 1977-1983 and again in 1993-2012.

Gleason said now that he is taking over, as when any new team takes over, people will expect change. Foremost, he said he wants to modernize the office.

“We want to get as new and as savvy with technology as we can acquire within the budget,” Gleason said.

Gleason said he wants to provides the services of his office “online not in line.”

“If you can do it at home, in the office or in your neighborhood, we want you to,” he said.

Gleason said it is not fair that people from the outer parts of the county have to drive downtown Flint, pay for the cost of gas and parking fees and endure long lines to get the services provided by the clerk’s office.

“Whatever we can legally do over the internet, that’s our goal,” he said.

For those people without internet access in their homes, Gleason said the Flint Public Library and the Genesee District Library as well as local senior centers would be places people can get on a computer and access services from the county clerk’s webpage.

“A mother would feel more comfortable for a variety of reasons to go to a local library and senior center than come down to the county,” he said.

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