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Michigan Wolverines pull out a last-second win for the second straight year. Notre Dame has not had much luck in the last seconds versus Michigan. Denard Robinson, Michigan’s Mr. Everything at quarterback, totaled up 502 yards of offense by himself. He now holds the longest touchdown run at Notre Dame going 87 yards for a touchdown. I don’t want to jinx the kid, but he is now the front runner for the Heisman Trophy. I realize it’s only two weeks into the college season, but name one other player putting up the numbers he has? I didn’t think you could. Anyway, the Maize and Blue are off and running at 2-0 here in 2010.

The MSU boys also are 2-0 here in 2010. The Sparty party will be in East Lansing on Saturday as the Notre Damers come rolling into town. I like the Spartans in this football contest. It is the first true test on the gridiron for the green and white. The place will be rocking and the Spartans will rock the Irish. Sparty On 27 and Oh and Two against Michigan Teams 24.

Surprise, surprise

The NFL opening week is over and there were many surprising results. The San Francisco Forty- Niners lost big time to the Seattle Seahens. Huge shocker, as the San Franners are a sexy playoff pick here in 2010. The Dallas Cowgirls played like a bunch of girls in Washington. That offense was very offensive to even watch. The “Skins” played awesome in their opener under the Mike Shanahan coached team. Will the “Deadskins” become alive here in 2010? The Patriots looked real good pounding the “Crazy Helmets” of Cincinnati. Where were B.O. Owens and Oucho Stinko? Those two receivers were missing all afternoon long. Mike Vick in Philly looked like the Vick Vapor Rub of old. The Colts hammered by the Texans! It is going to be an awesome season in the NFL if last Sunday is an indication of what’s to come in future weeks.

Bad call in Chi-Town

Controversy played a part in the

Lions’ game at Chicago. I don’t’ give a rats a** what the rule states. Calvin Johnson caught a game-winning touchdown. He had control, both feet were down, his knee was down, and his butt was down. That, my friends, is a touchdown. However, the NFL rule for 2010 means Calvin Johnson needs to learn a lesson from all of this. Think about this. If he would

have put his other hand on the ball or tucked and rolled, or just held it up in the air, it would have

been a Lions’ victory. Bottom line is, it was another Lions’ loss on the road. The next question is, how long will Matthew Stafford be out of the lineup? I hope every time he falls on his shoulder doesn’t mean an injury. Sean Hill will play better this week, as he will take all the snaps in practice. He better be ready as the Philadelphia Eagles and Mike Vick will be looking for their first victory of the season. I am taking a couple of Philly fans with me to Ford Field. It is their first time and I hope it is a good game and a Lions victory. I will let them root for Philly.

I came out of the box firing folks with a solid 9-4-3 on my picks. Love that, I must admit! The lock courtesy of the Packers 1-0. Let’s keep the cheese-ball crystal clear again this week. Roll’em Sugar pops:

CLEVELAND – 3 over Kansas City
G.BAY – 13.5 over Buffalo
CINCINNATI – 1 over Baltimore
TENNESSEE – 5 over Pittsburgh
DETROIT + 3.5 over Philly
DALLAS – 8 over Chicago
CAROLINA – 6 over Tampa Bay
ATLANTA – 7 over Arizona
Miami + 5.5 over MINNESOTA
OAKLAND – 4 over St. Louis
DENVER – 3.5 over Seattle
Houston – 3 over WASHINGTON
Jacksonville + 7.5 over SAN DIEGO
New England + 1 over NEW YORK JETS
INDY – 5.5 over N.Y. Giants
SAN FRAN + 5 over N. Orleans

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