New police cars pass snow test

FLINT TWP. — Ford Interceptors in the township police department fleet performed so well on snow and ice-covered roads during the recent spate of hazardous weather, police officials want to buy more.

One 20-year police veteran said the cars were the best the department has ever driven, said Police Chief George Sippert, while seeking the township boards’ approval of the purchase. His request to spend $111,824 for four 2014 all-wheel drive Ford Police Interceptor sedans with ecoboost was unanimously approved.

The cars are priced at $27,956 each and will be purchased from Signature Ford through the Macomb County Contract Bid process. Sippert noted that the purchase price is the lowest available and the cost covered in the 2014 police operations budget.

Sippert mentioned to the board in his routine report last month that patrol officers were raving about how well the Interceptors performed in snow and ice conditions.

Last year, the department purchased two Ford Interceptors and two two-wheel drive Chevrolet Tahoes. Both are pursuit-rated vehicles for police patrol work.

But the Chevys were no match for the Interceptors on snowy roads. “It is frustrating for police when we can’t around on side streets,” Sippert said.”Those cars (Interceptors) did really well.”

The new cars will replace four older Ford Crown Victoria models in the fleet that have high mileage and maintenance costs.

The department is forced to transition from the Crown Vics which were discontinued in 2011. The model change entails added costs to purchase new emergency and safety equipment because the old equipment does not fit on the new models.

The new vehicles will come equipped the same as the previous purchase with a 365 horsepower engine, dual LED spotlights and a single key ignition to name a few features.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked Sippert to explain the difference between the Ford Interceptor without ecoboost which is also all-wheel-drive but costs about $3,000 less. Sippert said ecoboost provides more horsepower which helps with all the equipment such as light bars added to a police vehicle and weighing it down.

Delivery on the vehicles is expected in about four months.

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