New Year’s Resolutions – more like suggestions



I ’ve said before I’m not fond of making New Year’s Resolutions. For me they often are too lofty of a goal to achieve, usually because of my lack of motivation, a busy work schedule and other diversions.

As 2016 approached, I was faced with a choice: not bothering to make resolutions again or set some sort of goals for the New Year. So I decided to make some resolutions – actually, I call them “suggestions.” You see, a resolution is more of a deep commitment to do something, where a suggestion is something I where I get up in the morning and tell myself: “I should do this or that today” but maybe I decide once I get showered and dressed I’m only going to do “that” but not “this.”

Before the first of the year, I was looking over some photos of myself at some family gatherings and then looked in the mirror and realized my “spare tire” had grown about two sizes too large. I lost a lot of weight about 10 years ago and slowly, over time, I’d gained it back. I decided then I needed to diet and workout.

Anita says it’s “a lifestyle change.” Smaller portions, cut back on carbs and forgo that cream-filled donut every Wednesday morning while I’m working on deadline (oh rich creamy filling, how I miss you). Anita joined me in my quest to drop a few pounds and a week before Christmas – my favorite eating time of the year.

I set my goal of losing 50 pounds and despite a bumpy Christmas week (I splurged, I’ll admit it) I’m happy to report I’ve lost 12 pounds already.

Weight-loss is probably the most common New Year’s Resolution people make annually. There are others:

Saving money – Many people resolve to save more money in the New Year. That’s a great goal, but if you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, you’ll be lucky to save money. Healthy foods usually cost more. Then there’s gym memberships – they aren’t all cheap. Saving money is one of those things I’d consider a “suggestion.”

Get organized – I drive Anita crazy with my lack of organization. I will admit, I am pretty bad at filing paperwork, remembering appointments and making important phone calls. She has tried to get me organized by leaving me Post It notes (I end up sticking them places where they get lost) and programming reminders in my phone (the beeping sounds from the phone just make me put it on mute). Yeah, we’ll call this one a suggestion for me too, but honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be organized.

Manage stress better – Stress? I have no stress. OK, well maybe a little, and I don’t manage it well. When my car door became stuck I jarred it open by slamming a knee into the side of it and leaving a dent. The door did open, however. I get so tense my back and shoulders get knots in them. And then there are days I leave the driving to Anita because others drivers stress me out and make me say bad things (sometimes I even have a few “suggestions” for them). This probably should be a priority – reduce my stress – so I will consider this a resolution, not a suggestion.

I’ll let you know in a few months just how this is all working out for me. Good luck with your own resolutions (or suggestions) and have a great New Year.

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