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Zachrich appointed interim Atlantis principal

FLINT TWP. — Smiles and chuckles greeted an announcement to the Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education that Bart Zachrich has been appointed interim principal of Atlantis alternative education high school for the rest of the year.

Someone joked that Zachrich has retired more times than football quarterback Brett Favre. Zachrich is a retired principal from CA Middle School and Randels, Woodland and Rankin elementary schools. He is taking over the helm at Atlantis because Wes Mayo, a reservist, has been called back to military active duty, said Dave Swierpel, director of community services.

Mayo had been Atlantis principal since September and was previously principal at Yale High School, Swierpel said.

Swierpel also announced that Zach Burhans, a teacher in the Under 16 program at Stalker Adult Center, also is a reservist who has been called back to active duty in Afghanistan. Burhans has taught in the program since 2005. — R.S.

Carman-Ainsworth board adds more licenses

FLINT TWP. — Digital curriculum at Carman- Ainsworth schools got a boost recently with the addition of 30 more site licenses as part of a national Reading Efficacy Study with SuccessMaker.

SuccessMaker, provided by Pearson Digital Learning, is leading educational software that individualizes math and reading instruction, practice and assessment for students in grades K-8.

The 30 licenses are being provided for the rest of the semester, said Steve Tunnicliff, assistant superintendent. The district already has 60 licenses as part of the study for indefinite use at Dye Elementary School and CA Middle School, he said, adding that there are now 90 licenses in use at no cost to the district. — R.S.

Senior center collecting diapers, formula

FLINT TWP. — The Carman-Ainsworth Flint Township Senior Center is collecting diapers and baby formula to be donated to the Carman- Ainsworth Learning Community Early Childhood programs. Details: Call 810-732-6290. — R.S.

C-A school lunch prices could increase

FLINT TWP. — School lunch prices at Carman-Ainsworth could increase up to 10 cents in the fall, said Russ Parks, assistant superintendent, at a recent school board meeting.

Current lunch prices are $1.50 for elementary school students and $1.75 for secondary students. But a price increase of about 3 percent may be required to raise lunch prices up to 10 cents per year until they reach $2.46 per lunch, in accordance with federal guidelines.

Parks is not sure yet if the increase will take effect in the fall. But more guidance is coming from the federal government that could negate the board of education’s ability to hold prices down, Parks said.

Free lunches would remain free. Carman- Ainsworth served 148,901 paid lunches, 55,637 reduced lunches and 411,903 free lunches to students during the 2009-10 school year, Parks said. — R.S.

Township approves contract with Teamsters

FLINT TWP. — The Township Board of Trustees has approved an agreement with Teamsters, Local 214, representing communication operators, to existing a collective bargaining contract to December 31, 2011. The existing agreement expired December 31, 2010. — R.S.

Water main project receives funding OK

FLINT TWP. — The financing contract for the Fenton Road Watermain Project has been approved by the Township Board of Trustees. This document authorizes the County Board of Commissioners to issue bonds to finance the joint project between Flint Township and the City of Burton estimated to cost $1.5 million and repaid over 30 years. The sanitary water supply system will be installed on Fenton Road between Bristol Road and Maple Avenue. — R.S.

Easter Bunny hops into Genesee Valley April 2

FLINT TWP. — The Easter Bunny will arrive at Genesee Valley Center on April 2. Visit with the Bunny in a beautiful Live Landscape display of plants and flowers set off by a cobblestone path and waterfall. Annually designed and professionally installed by the Genesee Area Landscape and Nursery Association (GALNA), the display will be periodically staffed by volunteers to give tips on how to incorporate similar elements at your own home. Display items will be auctioned off in Center Court on Sunday, May 1st at 3 p.m. — R.S.

Getting it right

FLINT TWP. — A story in the March 24 edition of The Flint Township View had a front page story about plans for the Genesee Valley Trail. The headline for the story should have said the trail was being shortened because of difficulties obtaining some easements.

Quotes attributed to Supervisor Karyn Miller should have also indicated they were not from the township board meeting March 21, but from a conversation between the reporter and Miller at a different time.

The board will discuss the matter further April 14, but Miller said Genesee Valley Center is cooperating to the best of its ability as everyone works through the easement issue.

We apologize for any confusion.

— G.G.

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