NFL returns with a wimper; Tigers roaring

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The Hall of Fame game between Green Bay and Indianapolis was canceled due to a bad paint job? Yes, that is basically correct. The field was painted and the paint became sticky and melted the rubber pellets that are below the surface on the field turf. I guess the midfield logo spot was like cement and the end zones were not any better. The decision was one hundred percent based on player safety and I feel the NFL made the right call on this situation.

The black eye for incompetence is also on the NFL, as one must ask, “how could something like this happen?” That the NFL can’t have a field ready for a preseason football game is inexcusable to me with all the money it has.

I do want to say the Brett Favre speech was moving and very emotional. I always like watching the induction speeches and Brett didn’t disappoint. One more thing I want to say is Orlando Pace is one big man!! I could not believe how large of a human Orlando Pace actually is.

The preseason opens up for the Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh at 7 p.m. on Friday. The goal is to come out of this game healthy with no major injuries to any key players.

Yanks bid farewell

The New York Yankees lost two veterans this past week. The first was the retirement of Mark Teixeira, the first baseman. I think he was one of the best switch hitters for power I have watched in my lifetime. The Yankees will shed more payroll with his retirement.

The next big announcement involves Alex Rodriguez, who will play his last game as a Yankee on Friday. He did not announce retirement, though, as he said he was taking on a special advisor and instructor’s role. The Yanks are on the hook for his 2016 and 2017 contract at $21 million a year. It’s hard to believe the three-time American League MVP is 41 years old and leaving baseball. I remember him being drafted number one in 1993 by the Seattle Mariners. He signed that 10-year $275 million dollar contract which set large baseball contracts to astronomical numbers. He is currently fourth in home runs at 696, second second in RBI at 2,084 and slugged out 3,114 hits. He leads in career grand slams with 25. I ask you, and all baseball fans, has there ever been a player with a more tainted career than Alex Rodriguez? I personally think he is the biggest fraud to ever play the game. Alex Rodriguez lied so many times about his PED use. He sued team doctors and then denied so many things, so how can his career be taken seriously? I say, goodbye, Alex Rodriguez, you phony, lying baseball player.

Tigers roar back?

The Detroit Tigers have finally ignited some baseball playoff talk in Motown. The Tigs are breathing down the barrel of the Indians and have them in their sights. The Central Division is up for grabs. I will admit I was wrong and I faded the Tigers at the All-Star break and said no playoff baseball for them. The wildcard race will be wild and the battle of the Blue Jays, Tigers, Red Sox, Indians and Orioles will be a great September watch. The good thing is, two of these clubs will win divisions and only one team will be left on the outside looking in at the end of September. I say hold on to your Ole English D hats Tigers fans!

Rooting for team USA

The Olympics have at least been entertaining for me and I didn’t think they would be. I have enjoyed watching the swimming events the most. The world record Katie Ledecky broke in the 400 freestyle was a great watch. Oh, and by the way, it was her own record that she broke. The Michael Phelps swimming events are always awesome because he is the face of Olympic swimming on the men’s side. The rivalries, the mental games the opponents are trying to play with him, all very entertaining. If looks could kill! The way Chad Le Clos was shadow boxing and in Phelps’ face on Monday night in the ready-room was true entertainment.

I personally like watching the gymnastics. I have great admiration for the strength and skill of these gymnasts. Go USA! Bring home the gold!

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