No apartment complex for Davison Township

I am a current resident of Davison living in the Turtle Creek Subdivision. I pay taxes, have children in the school district, and a part of the community. I want to voice my strong opinion against putting the Redwood Apartment complex in the current tree and nature-filled area between Brier Crest and Turtle Creek.

One of the reasons we moved to this sub is the quiet and small-town feel of the sub. The traffic is very minimal, and we know the neighbors throughout the sub after over seven years of living here.

We have people who are longtime residents and invested in this community and sub. The schools are full, the sewer system in this area is at capacity and often backs up. This is such a safe place for our kids to ride their bikes and the street traffic is minimal. I would strongly disagree with putting in temporary resident apartments in between these two well-established subs. — Jenna Walczak, Davison Twp.