No good news from where the Fat Guy sits

Fat Guy Corner



The 2019 deer hunting season with firearms was a total bust for me and my group! It was pretty darned frosty sitting in the morning blind, I will say. I hope those of you who took to the woods found better success than our group. I will say, however, that I enjoy the peace and quiet, regardless if I see deer or not! The sight of nature at its finest is tremendous and the squirrel that visited me every day needs to go on a diet! He had a buffet table of acorns buried that makes the Fat Guy jealous, to be honest! Oh, well. If I don’t make it back out to the woods like the Detroit Lions, there is always next year!

Wolverines rout Sparty

The Michigan Wolverines destroyed the Michigan State football Spartans 44-10 on Saturday. The Spartans actually drew first blood with a touchdown to go up 7-0. However, that was the highlight for the Spartans in this annual clash. Brian Lewerke was 17-of-30 for 166 yards for MSU and tossed two picks, as his play, and Spartan offense, was dismal again.

The opposite was true for Shea Patterson, who threw for 384 yards breaking Tom Brady’s record of 285 yards against the Michigan State Spartans. I found it hard to believe no one had thrown for 300 yards for Michigan against MSU. The Wolverines totally dominated offensively and defensively! I did not like the salt poured into a gaping wound of MSU with the touchdown pass with 2:33 left in the game by Michigan! I thought it was disrespectful and might haunt them down the road in future games. The Paul Bunyan Trophy resides in Ann Arbor for another year. The Michigan State Spartans need to win their last two games to become bowl eligible.

Something’s gotta change in Detroit!

The Detroit Lions allowed Dak Prescott to complete 29-of-46 for 444 yards in a 35-27 loss at home last Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys! Once again, it is “Last Great Season Was 1957!” When will it ever end with this clown organization? I think Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia should be on life support and the Fat Guy wants to be first in line to pull the plug!

This pencil-behind-the-ear has zero lead in it! He is a defensive coach? Yeah, good one! I must be the poster boy for kale and lettuce! I would like to take that pencil and use the eraser to erase him off the sidelines! I actually think the pencil is more like a crayon for coloring books.

Matt Patricia’s defense continues to refuse to blitz and rush four guys with zero pressure on the quarterback. I saw Dak order a soft pretezel and he had time to eat it, then completed the pass to a wide open receiver. How many ex-Patriots coaches under the “Hoodie” have prospered as head coaches? The answer is a big fat ZERO! It’s also time to hold Bob Quinn accountable for this roster and head coach debacle he has created! I am sick and tired of it to the point I am not renewing my season tickets at the end of the year. If Martha Ford does not realize these two bozos are not the answer, then she really doesn’t care about this team, either.

I would say Jim Caldwell looks pretty inviting to me right now and I could not stand him, either! The Lions are dog doo doo on the field and in the front office! S.O.L. (same old lions) will never go away in my lifetime. I hope the Washington Redskins win 92-0 Sunday!

Strawberry sports cakes

The sad story of Cassius Winston’s brother’s death hit the MSU basketball program last week. I thought Winston acknowledging the crowd after Monday’s victory was very touching. It had to be very emotional for him and coach Izzo.

The Pistons stink, as Blake Griffin has played in only two games this season. He will be hurt all season long, in my opinion, and the 4-9 record shows they need him on the basketball floor.

The Red Wings’ are too terrible to even talk about. And, my NFL picks are so bad people are taking the opposite of what I pick, and they should. Last week’s were the worst ever, so we try again this week.

This Week’s Picks:
HOUSTON – 3.5 over Indianapolis
CLEVELAND – 11 over Miami
BUFFALO – 4 over Denver
Pittsburgh – 6.5 over CINCINNATI
CHICAGO – 6.5 over New York Giants
N.Y. JETS + 3 over Oakland
Carolina + 10 over NEW ORLEANS
ATLANTA – 4 over Tampa Bay
WASHINGTON + 3.5 over Detroit
TENNESSEE – 3 over Jacksonville
SAN FRANCISCO – 3 over Green Bay
PHILADELPHIA – 2 over Seattle
Baltimore – 3 over L.A.RAMS
LAST WEEK: 3-11; SEASON: 73-82-4