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With the November general election less than a week away, I’m offering a gentle reminder to everyone to please get out there and vote.

It doesn’t matter what your political views are. It doesn’t matter who you want to cast your vote for. The right to vote is there and all to often we don’t exercise it. People have given their lives for our right to cast that vote and we owe it to them to follow through and cast our ballot.

If the right to vote no longer existed, this country would no longer be a democratic nation — but would turn into something completely totalitarian. Imagine if we simply gave up our rights, including the right to vote, and we let someone else decide our every move for us? If we don’t exercise our right to vote someday it could happen.

By not voting, you give away your right to influence the government and you take away the will of the majority that governs this country, turning it over instead to the minority. People have fought and died for this right we so often take for granted. At least keep that in mind as Election Day draws near.

Because this right has been guaranteed to all citizens of the nation, you should take the initiative to vote for someone or something that reflects your overall views. Many times I hear people say they don’t like any of the candidates running for an office so

they aren’t going to vote. At least try to find someone you share some kind of common ground with or an issue that is important to you and go to the polls Nov. 2. To increase your overall knowledge, you must research your candidates, political party and overall election. Not only does this help the voter make an informed decision, but it helps contribute to awareness of democracy. Too often people sit back and

complain about what they don’t like in politics and use

that negative reaction as an excuse not to participate.

You can’t sit there and complain you don’t like an elected official is doing if you didn’t even vote. Don’t be an armchair pundit. If you’re going to criticize politicians then make sure you at least voted. That makes you part of the decision-making process and gives you a vested interest in what happens.

So don’t let the system get you down or let it make you feel disenfranchised. Everyone needs to get out and vote this Nov. 2. Vote for your favorite candidates. Vote straight-party ticket. Flip a coin to decide your vote. Just be a part of the system come Election Day. Do it for yourself. Do it for the good of our nation. Do it so the process works.

(Gary Gould is the managing editor.
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