Nobody likes a “sore loser”

Dear President Trump,

There are winners and losers in any competitive contest. We teach our children how to be good winners, and more importantly, how to be good losers. When did you miss this most important lesson growing up?

You fail at losing with grace, with dignity, and dangerously place our nation at risk of civil war with your action, and lack of action. You are calling ALL voters in our nation liars, those who voted for you and those who didn’t.

There was no rigged election, I repeat so you do not miss it, there was NO RIGGED ELECTION! Only your “rigged” childlike, propaganda.

Would using your “rigged election” mantra mean that you won in 2016 with a “rigged election”? Would your “rigged win” make your entire presidency invalid? Think about it, Sir, this is YOUR argument.

In 2016 you lost the popular vote but won with the electoral college. This election cycle you clearly lost both. In our nation, arguably the greatest nation in the world, we teach our children to behave better than your current, “sore loser” example.

I am ashamed of your behavior. I feel sorry for those who fall for your baseless argument. You are cheating them, and our nation, of power, strength and leadership with your weak display.

The election was not “rigged” as you whine, it was fair. Calling an entire nation liars because you did not win is simply shameful behavior. So you don’t miss it, I remind you again, you used this same “rigged” argument in 2016, but became quiet when you won the election. You can’t have it both ways, Sir. It is time to grow up and be a responsible adult, a responsible leader.

Our democracy needs honest leadership.

It is time for you to be honest with the American people and admit you lost a fair fight. We need a leader, not a dictator. Please end this childish, dangerous effort to further divide our nation.

The United States of America deserves better. — Donald D. Dunklee, Richfield Township