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The social media pages and negative Lions fans are already starting to write the Lions’ playoff hopes off with the loss to the New York Giants last Sunday. Come on, sports fans, they were not going to go 12-4 this season. Let’s acknowledge the New York Giants as a pretty darn good football team. The Giants’ 16-6 victory over the Lions moved the Giants to 10-4. The Lions last three games of the season would be tough for any NFL team.

How would most teams fare with road games at New York and Dallas and a home game against Green Bay? I realize that the last three games on the Lions schedule were tough and so do the Lions. How many fans thought Detroit would win nine games in 2016? I had them between six and eight wins like most. The fact they have overachieved is a total bonus.

Let’s all remember this was a 1-3 football team after week four. I will not fold on this team. I was smart enough to realize it was coming down to the Lions and Packers on Jan. 1 at Ford Field. Why people think the Packers will win is baffling to me.

The Lions have been solid at home all season long losing only one game. I am still riding the Lions bandwagon until the tire gets a flat. It was nice to see that Matt Stafford’s injured middle finger didn’t affect the way he threw the football. The Lions also need a healthy Theo Riddick to help in the backfield. Let’s hope next Monday night the Lions give the Dallas football team a competitive game.

Selfish motives

The college bowl season started and five games have been played and I watched none of them this past Saturday. I did watch a little of Central Michigan and Tulsa’s bowl game and realized why I don’t watch these early games as Central was losing 48-3 with the fourth quarter still to go. This is why 6-6 football teams should not be allowed in and the number of bowl games needs to be trimmed down.

I also am not happy that players like Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are not playing to work on their draft status. I think that’s selling out on your football team and selfish. This will now start a trend where if you are playing in a lower tier bowl, guys who are getting drafted in the NFL will abstain from playing. I hate this trend!

Wings heating up

The pressure is on Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill. The offense is absolutely brutal to watch night in and night out. Where is the goal scoring? While on the search let’s also look for some third-period defense! It has become a serious struggle for me to watch the Wings. The coach is not always, and usually not the blame. However, you can’t trade or fire 20 hockey players, either. The bottom line is, sometime a new face and voice in the locker room is welcomed by players.

I wonder what Kenny Holland and the “Pizza Man” feel about the current state of the Detroit Red Wings. They can’t be happy. The Jeff Blashill chopping block watch is on, in my opinion. It’s one thing to coach at Grand Rapids, Mr. Blashill, but this is Hockeytown! The playoff streak is in serious jeopardy and that stinks.

Poor showings

The Detroit Pistons are the most inconsistent basketball team. The Philadelphia 76ers blew out the Pistons! Yes, the lowly Philadelphia 76ers; that just should not happen. I love Stan Van Gundy but he needs to improve off of last season’s playoff berth. I thought when Reggie Jackson came back from his injury it would improve the Pistons’ play. However, they are only 3-5 since he came back.

The NFL selections are next. Happy
Holidays to all of you…
PHILA. + 3 over New York Giants
CHICAGO + 4 over Washington
BUFFALO – 3.5 over Miami
NEW ORLEANS – 3 over Tampa Bay
CAROLINA + 3.5 over Atlanta
Minnesota + 6 over GREEN BAY
N. Y. JETS + 16.5 over New Eng.
JACKSONVILLE + 5 over Tennessee
San Diego – 6 over CLEVELAND
OAKLAND – 4 over Indianapolis
L A RAMS – 4 over San Francisco
SEATTLE – 8.5 over Arizona
Cincinnati + 3 over HOUSTON
Baltimore + 5.5 over PITTS.
KANSAS CITY – 4.5 over Denver
Detroit + 7.5 over DALLAS
SEASON: 99-99-10 BEST BET:5-8-1
LAST WEEK: 6-9 (excluding Monday)

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