Obsolete fire equipment donated

FLINT TWP. — The township fire department’s gain also will provide a win-win situation for neighboring fire departments.

In a generous gesture of spreading the wealth, the Fire Department has donated some of its old equipment to three other local fire departments to use for parts.

Seeking approval from the township board to make the donation, Fire Chief Tom Stadler said: “We have some obsolete equipment that still provides value to neighboring fire departments and would like to donate it so they can scavenge it for parts.”

Stadler explained that his department was fortunate to get a nearly $300,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that was used to purchase 42 new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).

“We would like to share our good fortune with our neighboring departments,” Stadler said.

Other local fire departments also have applied for a similar FEMA grant but in the interim must struggle to find parts to keep their aging equipment usable.

Operating on a limited budget and unable to secure funds to buy new equipment, those departments still are using the same units that Flint Township has replaced. The parts are needed to keep the units in service, Stadler said.

The township board unanimously granted approval to donate 20 SCBA harnesses and related parts to the Flushing Fire Department, 11 units to the Fenton Fire Department and 11 units to the Montrose Fire Department.

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