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The NHL hockey playoffs have some good series currently going on, and some others, not so much! The Fat Guy’s predictions so far look absolutely lights out for my series-winning predictions. The only series I am trailing in is the Minnesota Wild prediction over the Winnipeg Jets. I realize that the series is not over until it’s over!

I will give you some series that are over, however. The Sharks up 3-0 means the Anaheim Ducks’ season is over.

The Las Vegas Knights can be crowned winners over the Kings, who are up 3-0. How many of you thought the expansion Vegas Knights would even be in the playoffs? Who would have thought they would win a round in the playoffs? I can see this hockey club in the Stanley Cup Finals, to be truthful. It is by far the storyline of the year in the NHL. That many of the series are 2-1 is great for the fans of the teams and all hockey fans.

I also told you how much of a choke team the Washington Capitals have been in the playoffs. I don’t want to shock the hockey world, but the Capitals lost both games at home and trail 2-0 to the Columbus Bluejackets. It will be a tough road for the Washington team to comeback from a 2-0 deficit with the next two games in Columbus. I sure would hate to be a Washington Capitals fan, as it is like being a Detroit Lions fan! I have stated this many times, I love playoff hockey! It would be nice if the Detroit Red Wings would make a return to the playoffs. It is Hockeytown, afterall!

Little interest in NBA playoffs

The NBA playoffs first round games are nothing like the NHL playoffs. The fact that an eight-seed is beating a oneseed is usually highly improbable and creates zero excitement. Let’s be honest, the Western Conference will be the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. I really can’t see any other team making a run at these two teams. The Golden State Warriors are getting healthy and if Steph Curry returns, I think they will make it to the NBA Finals again. I will say I will be rooting for the Houston Rockets, though, if these two teams do meet in the finals. I am tired of the Golden State Warriors.

The Eastern Conference is a little more wide open and will be a decent watch. The fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James are not a lock to waltz through the Eastern Conference makes it intriguing. The Cavaliers are the four-seed in the East and Cleveland will need LeBron to be Superman to advance and win the Eastern Conference.

I really think after watching game one against the Indiana Pacers, who administered a tail whipping to the Cavs, that they might not win round one. The Indiana Pacers play solid defense and have flown under the radar this basketball season. I will watch this series and will not be shocked if the Pacers win it.

The Boston Celtics, the twoseed is too hurt with injuries to advance past two rounds. The Toronto Raptors, the one-seed has to remove the choke label in the playoffs. The Toronto team is talented and the bench play is deep. The problem is they are young and that can be trouble. The sexy selection is the Philadelphia 76ers, who entered the playoffs red hot. The 76ers have a tough out in the Miami Heat, but will find a way to prevail. The youth issue will rear its head for the 76ers, though, I believe. I will take the Toronto Raptors to win the Eastern Conference, but I am not 100 percent sold on them.

It would be nice to see the Pistons back in the playoffs next season! Are you listening Tom Gore and Stan Van (Blundy)? I hope so.

Weather ruining MLB

The Tigers and the rest of Major Leauge Baseball are fighting mother nature here in 2018. The amount of games postponed has been staggering. The cold, rain, and snow have created havoc on all the northern teams and the East Coast teams. I know baseball started a week early this season, but we are into the middle of April and the cold and nasty weather will not leave. I feel for these players trying to hit with wooden bats and pitchers throwing in the middle 90s or higher. The feel goes away when I think of how much money they make, however. I have seen snow squalls at numerous baseball games and very few fans in the seats. Who can blame the fans? You would not see me sitting at a baseball game in 30-40 degree weather. I don’t want to drink hot cocoa; I want a cold barley pop in my hands!

The Detroit Tigers are a miserable 4-9 and look like a minor-league baseball team. I am sticking to my 100 losses this summer, as it will be a long, long season at Comerica Park. The sick part is, I still watch them! What is wrong with me? The answer is, numerous things, as those of you who know me will attest! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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