Only 11 brave souls, eh?

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I want to say good luck to the 11 people who took the Fat Guy challenge of picking games on The 11 people have to like their chances of winning a $200 gift certificate at the end of the year! Good luck to all of you who entered the contest!

I have to be brutally honest that I am a little shocked that more people didn’t want to take a shot at me! They all must be scared of picking against the Fat Guy and I don’t blame them! Oh well, maybe next year more will enter and take a shot at me.

College football over the weekend was winner, winner, chicken dinner at MSU and U of M. The Spartans won a highly-anticipated match up against the Oregon Ducks 31-28. This game was an awesome watch, I thought. The Spartans and Ducks punched each other physically all over the football field for 60 minutes. I thought the Spartans handled the speed of the quack attack pretty darn good. I did think that Connor Cook was less than stellar at the quarterback position. I expected him to play better than he did.

The bottom line is Sparty stays in contention for the college playoffs at the end of the year with the victory. The Spartans are home at high noon against the triple option attack of the Air Force Academy. The triple option can give teams problems when they are not used to seeing it over the course of their football season. I have to believe this is a letdown spot for MSU as they are a solid 27-point favorite on Saturday. Prediction: Green and Whitey Tighty 38 and No Force Be With U 17.

The Jim Harbaugh era at home in the Big House was a convincing 35-7 thrashing of the Oregon State Beavers. How about Oregon State jumping out to a quick 7-0 lead? The Michigan defense took over from there, however. I loved the Harbaugh melt down after that punt play where Michigan roughed the rugby type punt. I think Jimmy saw that a few times from one Bo Schembechler? Yes, that’s what it reminded me of for sure. The UNLV Rebels come to Ann Arbor for a high noon tilt in the Big House. Michigan is a 34-point favorite. Prediction here: The House wins 45 and Vegas Craps Out 10.

Same old, same old

Did I see the same old Lions last Sunday? Yes, as much as I want to put that saying in the archives and never say it again, you just can’t.

Detroit blew a game it should have won. The Lions built a solid 21-3 lead halfway through the second quarter. San Diego went into halftime down 21-10. The fact that Philip Rivers was 35-42 passing and 404 yards wanted to make me gag on my chicken wings. The fact that Keenan Allen had 15 receptions made me spit up my barley pop.

This was a game Detroit should have won on the road and they gagged it away. I ask, is Matthew Stafford the right man pulling the trigger in Motown? Stafford just won’t step up and take leadership control of this team.

How can Calvin Johnson only have two catches and only be targeted four times? Joe Lombardi, the offensive coordinator, stinks worse than a dead skunk in my opinion. The bright spot was the play of Ameer Abdullah. He made plays and was explosive offensively.

Let me throw in that Eric Ebron actually caught a touchdown pass! The Lions travel to Minnesota for an all-important division game on Sunday.

I think Detroit finds a way to win this football game. Prediction: Not Same Old Lions 23 and Purple Helmets With Horns 20. NFL predictions are up next. Let’s roll them.

KANSAS CITY -3 over Denver
Houston +3 over CAROLINA
Tampa Bay +10 over NEW
Detroit +3 over MINN.
BUFFALO – PK over New Eng.
CHICAGO + 2 over Arizona
CLEVELAND – 1 over Tennessee
CINCINNATI – 3 over San Diego
St. Louis – 3 over WASH.
N.Y. GIANTS – 2 over Atlanta
OAKLAND + 7 over Baltimore
J’VILLE + 6 over Miami
PHILA. – 5.5 over Dallas
Seattle + 3.5 over GREEN BAY
INDY – 6.5 over N.Y. Jets


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