Opinion piece was filled with hypocrisy

I found the hypocrisy of your recent article in this week’s edition of ” The Grand Blanc View” utterly hilarious! You titled it “Stop Politicizing the Pandemic” then you proceeded to politicize it by expressing your distain for the President of the United States! You conveniently only referenced things that Republicans have said/done. If you really wanted to have the intention of stopping the politics of the COVID 19 pandemic, then you could have used your platform to address things that have been done/said on both sides of the aisle! You really didn’t though, so next time just go ahead and admit your bias at the beginning. Or better yet use the substantial amount of words you were granted to talk about how people can volunteer to help in this situation. Or, you could have talked about how amazed you are at the Nurses, DR’s other healthcare workers that are working extraordinarily hard to save lives! Regardless, I do appreciate the laugh you gave me in these trying times, stay safe and stay healthy. — Glen Ferrell, Grand Blanc